5 Beautiful and Simple Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

Your wedding season will be full of parties and presents. One of the most common celebrations is the bridal shower. It is a more formal and daytime-only version of the bachelorette party. Gifts are typically geared towards helping you get settled in your first home. You may already have been to several bridal showers. Here’s how to make yours stand out. Sometimes all it takes is a simple touch to make your party feel special.

Pour the Champagne

A champagne brunch is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Clink those glasses: they’re full of tasty mimosas. It’s not all about the drinks, though. Waffles, fresh fruit, and a variety of pastries are sure to delight all of your guests. Brunch is a great bridal shower idea for weddings that are scheduled for the spring or summer.


No, that isn’t Pandora talking. Gift crates come in all shapes and sizes. You’re sure to find a theme that works for you. Your bridesmaids are typically the ones organizing the shower so send them a link to the crates for women that you’re interested in. The cool part about a gift crate is that there are multiple gifts inside instead of just one. Many gift crates are also themed so you can match it to the wedding theme if you so choose.

Color Coding

You likely have the wedding colors picked out already. Why not spread that palette to your bridal shower? Go wild with the food coloring. Try using white flowers and then adding dye to the water to turn the flowers all bright and beautiful. Ask your guests to dress up according to the color scheme as well. Don’t forget the decor: make party favors and place settings that continue the look.

Fun and Games

Party games are a great way to break the ice if not all of the bridesmaids know each other well. Besides, they’re just plain fun. Have several games sprinkled throughout the party to change up the flow of conversation. You can make pretty much any game wedding themed. For example, bridal Pictionary uses common wedding items like “ring” and “veil” as clues. The Newlywed Game tests you and your future spouse on just how well you know each other.

There’s nothing better than a bridal shower to get you in the party spirit. It gives you and your bridesmaids the opportunity to start the wedding celebrations early.

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