Eight Handmade Jewelry Trends for 2020

With the prevalence of the gig economy on the rise, more consumers are drifting away from mass-produced and luxury products. Instead, they want something a little more heartfelt and personal, supporting the Maker Movement. 

Jewelers and crafters can take advantage of this shift in the marketplace by getting ahead of next year’s upcoming jewelry trends. Here are eight things to add to your design list for 2020.


From hair clips to bracelets, the words “statement piece” have never been taken so literally. One of the hottest handmade jewelry trends for 2020 is going to be the use of words in jewelry design. This ties into the overall meditation and mindfulness movement, in which people choose words that direct their purpose in life.

From “hello” to “bliss” the options are endless. Create a few sample pieces for inspiration and watch the orders come in.


Name jewelry is back with a vengeance. This new-age take on the iconic “Carrie” necklace from Sex and the City is making a name for itself in the new generation– pun not intended.

In addition to a simple name, more people are looking for pieces that capture their signature on a bracelet or necklace. With the right tools on hand, you can offer custom name necklaces to those who were never able to find something for themselves in gift shops. 


Crystals are making waves in both fashion and interior design. Even luxury brands are trending toward unpolished, rough-cut stones that have a more bohemian vibe. 

One of the most desirable things about crystals is that no two look exactly the same. They’re easy to acquire and even easier to work with. Start 2020 off with some bold solitary crystal pendants to get on board with this growing trend.

Celestial Accents

Stars and moons are the shapes of choice for 2020 accessories. You’ll see these come back in hairclips, chandelier style earrings, and multi-chain necklaces. The celestial, fortune teller vibe these pieces invoke pair exceptionally well with crystals.


Pearls have historically been a symbol of wealth and class. In 2020 and beyond, they’ll be an everyday look that adds a subtle touch of femininity and elegance. Faux pearls are making an appearance on everything from headbands to keychains.

The modern pearl trend is more subtle than the fads of the past. Add a few beads as an afterthought rather than a focal point in your designs. Silver drop pearl earrings are also a fan favorite this season, and look stunning with celestial accents.

Chunky Chains

There are a lot of vintage-inspired looks hitting the runway in 2020. Classic Hermes-inspired scarves from the 1960s, paired with chunky chain necklaces a la 1970s are just one of the retro combinations expected to hit the streets in the spring.

Don’t limit yourself to working with delicate strands and chains this year. Add some rope-style or braided accent-free pieces that speak for themselves.

Bold Gold

Rose gold has dominated the latter half of the 2010s. In true 20s fashion, art deco and bold gold are making an appearance in handmade jewelry. 

That being said, while bold yellow gold is back, the shine and sheen of fake gold plating is not. Brushed and matte pieces balance boldness and authenticity, making for a look that’s both eye-catching and subtle. Play around with different textures to add dimension to gold pieces.


Another trend to keep in mind in 2020 and beyond is not just what you make, but how you make it. Forward-thinking consumers want to know that they aren’t negatively impacting the world with their purchases; the more eco-friendly your product, the better.

Consider the materials you use, the packaging, and the method by which you send your products. Be open and transparent about your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint; it’s a great marketing strategy.

The trends of 2020 will give jewelry designers and crafters plenty of ideas to work with. Take the inspiration, make it your own, and leave your mark on the world.

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