Winter Wedding? 4 Snowy Honeymoon Ideas

When most people think of weddings and honeymoons, it’s a beautiful day. Perhaps there are picturesque sun-drenched trees or even a stream in the background. However, one image that usually doesn’t come to mind is snow. However, that setting can really work for both weddings and honeymoons. As far as both go, you often get to enjoy more availability and lower costs, depending on your specific locales, while the beauty of this time of year is incomparable.

Lakefront Cabins

One of the most romantic getaways for honeymoons that many take advantage of are lakefront cabins. Just imagine you and your beau cozied up together under a wool blanket looking out at snow-capped mountains or forests that surround a gorgeous lake. And, if you two are the active types and the lake isn’t frozen over, you could take a boat onto it as well as snowshoe through the land surrounding it and your cabin.

Skiing Adventures

If you two do love being outdoors and doing athletic-type things, you should also consider having skiing be the focus of your snowy honeymoon. Perhaps get a cabin in the mountains that, while maybe not next to a lake, would put you in a prime position to step out the door and start skiing. If you two prefer cross country skiing over the downhill variety, you’ll have even more options available, in places as varied as Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

Ice Hotels

Some winter accommodations that will resonate with you are ice hotels. These were first erected in northern Sweden and are now situated throughout the world. They’re hotels that are made up of snow and ice, so their availability is dependent on when winter weather starts and ends for that locale. Some of them are quite beautiful with talented artists having sculpted them. Note that some ice hotels are quite popular and may require making reservations well in advance, but the experience is worth the effort.

Winter Carnivals

If you’re the type of couple who would rather be in a community bustling with activity as opposed to focusing the entire time on each other, consider winter carnivals. These cold weather celebrations are held in a variety of North American, Scandinavian and Siberian communities and tend to include activities such as skating, skiing, snow carving and dog sledding. One option is the Quebec Winter Carnival, which occurs in February in Quebec City. Activities here also include a masquerade ball and an ice canoe race.

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