Ziaja Goat Milk Cosmetics Review

The benefits of drinking goat milk are popular, but its advantages can be used in cosmetics too. Contrary to the taste and smell of goat milk that can be unbearable for some people, these body products with goat milk have a very pleasant scent which exudes cleanliness.

You may haven’t heard of this brand before, but Ziaja was established in 1989. It is a Polish company with pharmaceuticals and high quality cosmetics. The affordable prices were the reason that led me try this brand. As I wanted a complete set of this series, I opted for Ziaja Goat Milk Gift Set which includes a shower cream, a body lotion, a moisturizing day cream and a hand cream. In this post I have also added an eye cream, which is not included in the set, but it contains goat milk too.


The first thing you feel when you try all these products is softness. They give you a smooth sensation and if I could describe their fragrance, I would say they remind me of Dove products, very likeable to me and very delicate.

Shower cream and body lotion

The bath set is great. I’ve been using these two products together and I like how they smell and the fact that their scent lasts.

Hand cream

When the cold days arrive, my hands can get really dry. As its composition is very thick, the hydration it offers is adequate. It is absorbed without being sticky. You can even have it in your bag and use it when you want to smell something nice.

Day and Eye cream

As every description on the products is in Polish you need to see online who the face cream is addressed to and why this is cream 2, do you need cream 1 too? What I read is that no1 is a lighter face cream. I have been using cream no2. It is suitable for all ages, but I believe younger people with oily, acne prone skin may find it greasy. For me, in my late thirties, it feels very nice. Especially in winter that my skin feels dehydrated, it makes me feel very comfortable wearing it alone or under my sunscreen or makeup. I wear it both as a day and night cream in turn with some other creams I have already opened.

The eye cream is very soft too. It hasn’t caused any irritation. In general, I prefer tubes for eye creams for hygiene reasons. I also use it before I do my makeup.

By the way, something I noticed is that although the products have an expiration date, they don’t indicate how long after opening them it is safe to use.

If I would buy these products again? Yes, they are very decent products in affordable prices.

I got mine from Parfimo, an online shop with beauty products and perfumes for the whole family. You can check the women’s perfume section here: γυναικεία αρώματα. You can read my review for Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar.

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