How Permanent Makeup Can Help You Save Time in the Morning?

Mornings can get hectic for all of us, no matter if we’re rushing to work, to class, or to get the kids to school. Getting dressed up and doing our makeup is an inevitable part of morning routine which can sometimes take away from our 8 hours. Just imagine if you could spend all that time we waste doing our makeup on an extra half hour of sleep!

Luckily, permanent makeup revolutionaries have made that possible! Permanent makeup treatments are getting extremely popular. When you consider the benefits of makeup you don’t have to reapply for months, it’s no wonder. Here are top treatments that can help you save time in the morning.

Permanent Eyeliner

Most makeup wearers will choose eyeliner as the most time-consuming makeup product right off the bat. Eyeliner can make or break the look, but if you get it wrong on the first try, it takes extra time to remove the mess and fix the rest of the eye makeup, not to mention the time it takes to stop being annoyed.

Permanent eyeliner means a PMU artist will inject dark brown or black pigment into the area just above the lashline and draw a line of any shape of thickness you want (or, better yet, that best suits your face). Some clients go for a subtler option called lash enhancement, where the pigment blends subtly into the lashes and gives that smokey effect. And it will last you up to 3 years.

Permanent Lipstick

This treatment is sometimes referred to as lip tattoo, but ink is very rarely used in cosmetic tattooing anymore. Like all permanent makeup treatments, permanent lipstick or it’s latest spinoff – lip blushing is achieved by inserting pigments into the skin between the first and second layer. This way, the shape of the lips can be slightly modified and the color you want stays on for quite a while. The shade range is wide, but most clients opt for more natural, subtle tones that match all makeup looks, outfits and occasions.

It’s important noting that skin on the lips behaves a bit differently than the rest of the face. Most notably, it can last a very long time – 3 to 5 years. That is 3 to 5 years without prepping the lips, drawing out the lip liner, filling it in, glossing, blotting, and then having it run, smudge and stain your clothes.

Sounds good, right?


Eyebrows are another time-consuming area to style. Whether you use a pencil, gel or powder, accidents happen, and when you’re styling your brows in a rush, chances are you’ll end up with an assymetric pair. Microblading is a permanent eyebrow styling technique that implies injecting pigments between natural hairs in hair-like motions that imitate the color, length and thickness of natural hairs. This way, the shape of the arches is modified and volume is added. The artist will choose a pigment that best matches your brow hairs, haircolor and skintone. The results will last up to two years, but can be prolonged with touch ups.

The idea behind microblading is to give the most natural possible results, but if your everyday style is a bit more extra, keep reading for alternative brow procedures.

Microshading and Ombre Brows

There are many techniques that stem from the original microblading procedure. While women whose everyday makeup is subtle and minimal go for microblading, microshading or ombre brows can give you more visible results that are bound to draw attention (in a good way, of course!). 

Microshading creates a soft, powdery shadow underneath the hairs, which gives the illusion of extra thickness. Instead of dragging a needle through the skin, this is achieved by dotting motions. Ombre brows is a technique that combines microblading and microshading. This is the treatment that gives the most drama to the brows, as it features an ombre effect: the arch is darkest at its tail and fades gradually towards the centre. 

Whichever eyebrows styling procedure you choose, it’s bound to save you a bunch of time in the morning. 

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