5 Reasons You Should Get a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

The repetitively small size and utilitarian nature of the bathroom makes it an ideal space for home-improvement efforts and renovations. Swapping out a surface mount or even a free-standing medicine cabinet for a recessed design is a simple idea that has a lot to offer. Sleeker and more efficient, a recessed medicine cabinet can play a key role in you efforts to design the perfect bathroom.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Minimalism is a design philosophy that has enjoyed a great deal of interest in recent years. A sleeker, less-cluttered bathroom can highlight the quality of fixtures, surfaces and other design elements. The lines of a surface mount cabinet could be keeping you from achieving a more minimal look for your decor.

Durability: Recessed VS Surface Mount

Recessed cabinets are able to benefit from additional structural support, making them far more durable. Having to repair a damaged cabinet or being forced to replace a surface mount installation prematurely can be a real inconvenience. Recessed cabinets can provide greater longevity and superior durability.

Optimizing the Space

Trying to fit all of the plumbing, fixtures and storage space into a small bathroom can be quite a challenge. While the space saved by a recessed cabinet may be small, it can still make a big difference. The space above the sink is prime real estate and a cabinet design that will free up as much room as possible can be a major asset during you upcoming redesign or renovation project.

Getting Rid of Corners and Trailing Edges

A sharp cabinet corner can turn a minor slip into a more serious injury. Recessing the training edges into the wall keeps the cabinet out of harms way while minimizing the potential for an accident or mishap. A bulky surface mount cabinet that protrudes further into the room can be a real hazard, especially for those who are constantly bumping their elbows and skinning their knees.

Creating a Secure Storage Environment

A more rugged cabinet can also be of benefit when it comes to keeping its contents safe and secure. Fragile items, opened bottles and bathroom products that may spill or leak when tipped over can be stored more effectively in a cabinet that has been recessed into the surrounding wall. A wobbly surface mount design may not be sturdy enough to provide secure storage for fragile items, expensive products or perishable medications.

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