Making Your Garden Perfect For the Summer

For all of us this summer is going to be different with the current conditions because of the Covid-19 commands. If you used to spend your summer days by the beach, you may need to adapt to new situations as we need to protect ourselves and the people around us. As a result we are going to spend most of our time at home, thus our garden is the place to become our little holiday resort. What would you say to make your garden perfect for the summer?

If you live in a flat without a garden, you can find some small balcony ideas  to improve your decoration, but if your house has a garden, read below our tips to get ideas on how to improve it.

Add flowers and trees

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a garden is flowers. By adding colourful flowers, your yard will immediately beautify visually. You can also choose plants that repel mosquitos, like basil and citronella. In addition, trees can also serve for shading reasons. They will be useful during the day as the strong Sun makes it dangerous to stay out for a long time. Consult a specialist for the kind of plants that can flourish in your area.

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Make Outdoor Furniture

If you spend a lot of your time outdoors, you need to make the place cosy. While you’re looking for objects and furniture to decorate the place, you can demonstrate your creativity by building your own creations like handmade decor and furniture using old pallets and timber leftovers.

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Build a safe fence

When you have young children playing outside, there’s going to be some time that they’re going to escape from your attention. You should ensure that your garden has good fencing, so it isn’t dangerous to leave them unattended for a few minutes.

Our family has recently grown as we welcomed new puppies. This has put us through some thinking about how to act for their security. To make sure the puppies are secured, we will need to look at the cost to install fencing professionally, so that it’s done perfectly this time.

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Install a retractable pool

For very big yards you can take advantage of the space by installing a retractable pool. It may sound as something expensive, but unless you are planning on going on holidays this summer, it will pay off soon. At the beginning you can only set up the pool and in the future you can invest more on its coverage, mainly if there aren’t young kids at home.

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Do you like spending time outdoors? What would you like to add to your garden to make it perfect for the summer?

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