4 Wedding Planning Tips That’ll Guarantee You Have a Magical Wedding

Today is the most magical day of your life. Your best friend has proposed to you. You can’t wait to start planning the wedding!

You tell yourself this until you realize how stressful wedding planning can be. You’ve got to call the vendors, choose a wedding theme, book a band, order a cake, invite guests, choose a venue, and much more. It’s hard for you to keep your head on straight.

Take a moment to stop and breathe. We’ve got a few wedding planning tips that can help make getting ready for your big day a lot less stressful. Check out this guide to learn more. 

  1. Consider What You Need  

Your budget may not be able to handle all the bells and whistles that come with a fancy 10,000-dollar wedding and that’s okay. Sit down with your partner to talk about all the things that you need and stuff you can cut out. For example, do you need a wedding photographer or do you have a friend who’s pretty good with a camera? 

If after talking to your partner you decide that there’s nothing you can cut out, you should consider an on-site wedding. With on-site weddings, everything is included from the catering to the decor. An all inclusive wedding package such as this will save you time, money, and stress. 

  1. Keep Yourself Organized 

With all the craziness that comes from wedding planning, it’s easy to lose track of yourself but you need to stay organized no matter what. Keep all your information in a handy excel or Google docs document so you can refer back to it. 

Create a wedding planning checklist so you stay on task and don’t miss out on an important aspect of your wedding because you accidentally waited until the last minute to book. Some of the best wedding planning apps will allow you to visualize and keep track of everything. 

  1. Get Your Partner Involved 

You don’t have to take on the entire wedding all on your own. That’s what your partner is there for. It’s fun making decisions together and it will bring you closer as a couple. 

They may also have ideas that you never thought of. So, consult them on everything. It doesn’t matter if the decision is big or small. 

  1. Be Smart About Choosing Your Date 

When choosing your wedding date you have to be a little strategic. For example, if you try and book on Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be hard for you to find a venue because everyone and their mom is getting married on that day. 

On top of the major romantic holidays, you should also think about the season. There are some seasons where it’s more expensive to get married than others. 

Wedding Planning Tips That Will Make Your Big Day Magical 

Planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful moments of your life or it could be fun. It all depends on how you organize yourself. Use these wedding planning tips to keep yourself on track and make your big day go as smoothly as possible. 

Still need help booking a caterer or figuring out your wedding hairstyle? Check out the wedding section of our blog for more articles like this one.

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