6 Puffer Jacket Styles to Consider

The puffer jacket, also known as the downs jacket, has real practical benefits. They are capable of locking in heat even under extreme cold and are the first choice not only for mountaineers but for hip hop stars and fashion stylists as well. The puffer jackets have a good look as well, and because of this, many fashionistas want at least several of them as part of their jacket collection. They are affordable, and any woman can pull off this trend without breaking the bank. However, it requires you to have some skills and to know some of the puffer jacket styles to consider as you wear them.

  1. Lightweight 

As you choose to style with the puffer jacket, it does not mean that you should look like Michelin man. So a lightweight style will give you all the right and practical benefits, and it will not sacrifice the slim silhouette. Also, with this type of puffer jacket style, it makes them a useful tool for layering. Wear it beneath a suit jacket when you are facing a frosty morning. Another advantage is that they are packable as they are not bulky and heavy. Hence, they are a popular choice for everyone from seasoned travelers to outdoor enthusiasts. 

  1. Statement 

A statement puffer jacket is a great piece to add to your collection. Shop for one in the  lily lulu fashion stores and experiment with bold colors, prints, and other statement pieces. The beauty of a statement puffer jacket is that you can cut through the winter weather and still look good while doing it. So, puffers have been a bit of a statement piece themselves. Through incorporating patterns and color blocking will take your overall look to the next level. Notably, with a statement puffer jacket, you need to keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

  1. Street style 

The puffer jacket is a streetwear essential. Although it is a 1930s original, it becomes a fashion item in the 1990s when rap royalty adopted it in colder US cities. So, with this style, you can go as loud as you want. For instance, you can wear a statement puffer jacket style in a bold pattern, color, or even both with joggers and sneakers, and you have a complete street style look. If the temperatures are dropping, choose one with a hoodie and a beanie on top to finish your look. 

  1. Mountain man 

Team with a puffer jacket with mountain ready garments will ensure you are warm. Whether it is to brave the cold as you head out to the Christmas market or you are planning to head on to the Himalayas. Try layer this with a t-shirt and a flannel shirt or a roll neck top. Put on cargo trousers or heavy denim, a pair of premium hikers, and a beanie to keep the head warm, and you have a complete mountain man style puffer jacket look. 

  1. Urban casual 

Even though puffers adapt to alpine conditions and extreme temperatures, it does not mean you cannot wear one in the city. So, for the urban causal style, choose one that is a lightweight puffer that will not only keep you warm, but you will look stylish in as well. Choose a hoodless version on a neutral shade like grey or even black. So, get the maximum cost per wear value and go for a simple color in this lightweight style that you can pair most pieces in your wardrobe in various seasons. Plus, layer with a roll neck underneath and complete your look wool trousers and a pair of leather sneakers. 

  1. Office ready style 

When you choose the office ready puffer style look, it will come in handy with your morning commute from the cold walk to the boiling hot bus and back again. This style ensures you get to the office without heat exhaustion and hypothermia. Getting rid of your sleeves is the solution here, as this ensures your core stays warm while your underarms stay ventilated. To get the best result with this style, stick to dark mute colors. Try black trousers and a wool shirt and pair them with a pair of black leather boots. 

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