Batiste Root Concealer Review (Dark Brown)

I avoid to dye my hair’s root very often, but sometimes I need an instant camouflage if I need to go somewhere. The truth is I’m not worried a lot about grey hair on a daily basis. Last year I had black hair and I had bought a Schwarzkopf root retoucher in a spray form. This time I decided to try a Batiste root concealer which is a compact powder.

At the moment I have honey highlights, but as my hair has grown my grey root has started to show. I ordered Batiste root concealer in dark brown. It comes in a small palette similar to an eyeshadow and it contains a small brush and a mirror.

Compared to a spray root concealer it is a little more time consuming . The advantage of the spray is that you’re done in a second. The disadvantage is that you can’t be very precise and also I’m afraid it is going to start melting during very hot weather.

On the other hand, my new root concealer in a powder takes some time to be applied, but you can apply it exactly where it is necessary. For example, I want to cover the grey hair, but I don’t want to cover my highlights.

As you can see in the photos, it can cover the grey hair successfully. I didn’t expect it to have such a result and I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the right shade either, but it looks fine. You can find it in a very low price on Parfimo.

Before using the Batiste root concealer

After using the Batiste root concealer on the left side.

Like every other root concealer, you shouldn’t touch your hair or you are going to end up with color on your fingers. It goes away when you wash your hair.

Have you tried it?

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