Wedding Guest Attire: 8 Tips To Picking The Perfect Outfit

Getting invited to a wedding is an honor, so you naturally want to look your best. However, the issue of what to wear as a wedding guest might be getting you down. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect look: 

1. Have Multiple Options

Have several comfy yet formal outfits on hand, just in case there’s an issue with your first choice. There might be a broken zipper, an open seam, or a run that you’ve overlooked. If you have a couple of backups, nothing can get you down at the last minute. 

You may also want to have a couple of outfits on hand for each kind of weather. Go for the thicker material if the day seems a bit chilly or rainy. 

2. Never Choose White Or Black

Wearing black might be a safe option but it’s not acceptable at most weddings. The same goes for white, for obvious reasons. However, you might be able to wear one item in black and white. Make sure to complement it with some bright colors! You can combine a white top with a blue long skirt, a statement necklace, etc. It’s also wise to check the Nihal Fashions for selecting the right color combinations.

3. Have A Jacket

No matter what the weather is like, always have a jacket on hand. This will be handy in the case of sudden chills, wind, or rain. If nothing else, you can use it to hide a stain. Besides, wearing a jacket with a formal dress will add a sense of elegance to the attire.

4. Tone It Down

When in doubt, you can go for the more somber choice. Don’t be drab. But you should also be careful not to steal the bride’s thunder. Showing too much skin, wearing too many glittery trinkets, or opting for a flamboyant costume are all big no-no’s. The same goes for wearing statement clothing, such as an attention-grabbing hat.

5. Consult The Invites

Read the invitation again and again just to be sure you’ve absorbed the dress code instructions. You may also want to consult with your fellow guests and the hosting party as well. If the ceremony is out of doors, chances are that you can go for a flowy outfit. For an indoor event, it’s best that you cover up a bit just in case you’ve been seated near the air conditioner.

6. Stay Comfy

While you probably won’t be completely comfortable in a formal outfit, make sure you’re not completely on pins either. Your role as a guest is to genuinely smile, have fun, and bring life to the party. You can’t do that in a too-tight dress, uncomfortable shoes, or a choking collar. To avoid this, try on your outfits beforehand and get them altered if necessary. Also, choose high heels that provide maximum comfort to your feet.

7. Choose Something Unique

Standing out isn’t your priority. But you also don’t want to clash with the other guests. Therefore, it’s best to go for a color that’s not too common for wedding guests. Coral, some shade of purple, or even blue will be nice options here. If you want to be sure about picking something unique, go for a unique print in a floral or paisley design. You can also explore the lesser-known shops to get a truly special find. 

8. Accessorize Wisely

No matter what kind of outfit you pick, pay careful attention to your shoes. Choose a pair that will enable you to walk about in comfort for the whole day. If you don’t, you might get some nasty scars and blisters. 

The Takeaway

Your outfit at the wedding will be photographed and probably noticed for several years. Plus, it’s important to wear something that will help you enjoy the day without worrying too much. Put some thought into your outfit, and you’d likely end up having a marvelous time!

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