Buying Jewellery for Yourself: The Ultimate Guide

Jewellery makes for a great present, no doubt. However, you aren’t going to get your favorite pieces by just waiting around for them to be gifted to you. As a modern independent woman you need to take charge of your own style statement. Here’s the ultimate guide for buying jewellery for yourself.

Identify your jewellery needs

First things first: what’s the motivation behind buying new jewellery? Is it for a special occasion? Do you need something to match a new outfit? Is it something you’re going to wear regularly or save it for special days? What piece of jewellery do you want – a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings or something entirely different? Before you head out shopping be clear about your jewellery needs, as this clarity will help you focus and ask for you what you want when you’re at the store.

Set a Budget

Trust us, if you walk into a store without a budget in mind, you’ll come out of it very happy with all the purchases, but also quite broke. It’s very easy to overspend in a jewellery store given all the attractive adornments on display. Without a clear budget and well defined jewellery needs you will be easily distracted and may either end up with a ton of things you might never really wear or not a single piece of ornament because you couldn’t decide.

Look around – a LOT

Jewellery stores can get overwhelming, and understandably so. With all the different types of ornaments, designs, styles and colours – it’s going to be a tough choice to make. Don’t shy away from walking out of a store empty handed even after browsing for half an hour. Look around different stores, and keep comparing until you’re very sure which piece of jewellery you want to purchase.

Know your size

For certain items of jewellery i.e. handmade rings, bracelets & Cuffs, you will need to know your size particularly if you’re going to purchase it online. Even for instore purchases, it helps to know your size so you can specifically ask the storekeepers for jewellery in your size. Use Jewel Tree London’s Handy Guides for finding your bracelet and ring size. The fitting of the jewellery will also depend on your lifestyle and the kind of activities you engage in on a regular basis.

Try it on

Sure it looks attractive on the shelf or in its packaging but you won’t know exactly if it will look good on you or even if it will fit you (in case of rings and bracelets) until you’ve tried it on. One look in the mirror and you will know exactly whether it’s something you would wear or not.

Remember: Jewellery is for expressing yourself

Of course, you can always go with the classic designs, but remember that jewellery is also a form of expression. Each piece of jewellery that you wear is making a statement – and the decision is entirely yours whether you want that statement to be subtle or bold.

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