What Can Engagement ring diamond’s shape tell you about your fiancée

You may think you know your fiancé but how well do you really know them? This informative and fun guide can tell you how much the diamond’s shape reveals about your future spouse! (For more serious details, Pricescope diamond forum has an excellent range of impartial and independent guides.) Let us take a look:

  • Round brilliant cut

This is the classic diamond shape, usually set on a white gold or platinum band. You cannot go wrong with this timeless design – and the cut usually indicates that a good quality stone has been used, as the flaws in poor quality stones are readily revealed by the highly refractive cut. Choosing this diamond shape for you shows that your traditionally minded fiancé wants to take care of you and will always aim for the best. Perfect for those who crave security and material wealth.

  • Emerald cut

This is a classic design more usually seen – as the name implies – in emerald rings. Using this cut for diamonds is shows that your fiancé has a quirky and unique style, while still appreciating the finer things in life. The growing popularity of this cut can also indicate that they are in tune with fashion, cares about appearances and want you to look and feel your best while retaining a distinctive certain something.

  • Princess cut

The princess cut – or ‘quadrillion’ if you’ve outgrown your princess days (do we ever?) – is a beautiful squared design that still has excellent brilliance. This diamond shape shows that they love to take care of you, making them the perfect fiancé for those days when we just want to be cuddled and taken care of!

  • Pear cut

This unusual asymmetrical cut ranks lowest on the most popular list for diamond shapes, probably because of the uneven cut. But it is a beautiful shape, and looks very attractive as a ring, when worn with the point of the teardrop towards the fingernail. If your fiancé chooses this diamond shape for your engagement ring, it is a sign that they love to go their own way, something that will either get them into trouble or cover them in glory! Either way, they will take pride in having done it on their own terms!

  • Cushion cut

This rounded square cut looks like a pillow, as the name implies. Stones with this cut seem to be bulging, like a well-filled cushion! The cushion cut lies somewhere between a round cut and a squared princess cut, and offers excellent deep brilliance that reflects a lot of light. The diamond shape is large, comfortable, and generous – perhaps an indication of what your fiancé is like too? Choosing this diamond for your ring indicates that they are comfortable with wealth and unashamed to show you off.

  • Heart shape

Engagement rings with heart shaped diamonds are always popular. The symbolism here is obvious, and if your fiancé chooses this ring, it is a sign that they are sentimental, very much in love with you and completely unashamed to show it to the world. Call them a big soppy romantic and enjoy the love they lavish on you!

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