5 Tips On Getting Healthier Hair Within Months

Taking care of yourself should be one of the essential tasks of your day. Self-care, grooming, and overall cleanliness should be of paramount importance to you as a person. Not only does this give an outwardly positive impression of you, but it also works towards making you healthier. Engaging in grooming and self-care can be one of the most important investments you make. Consider changing things up and take care of your well-being.

More than ever, men are encouraged to follow similar rituals as women to take care of themselves. The stigma surrounding cleanliness, maintenance, and general grooming has been removed in modern times. Men are now more inclined to take care of their skin, hair, nails, and of course, facial hair. An essential aspect of a man’s get-up is his facial hair. In recent times, men have been shaping, trimming, cleaning, and grooming their beards to suit the modern fashionable man’s needs. 

Here are a few tips on getting healthier beard hair in months.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair.

If you recently washed your face or exited the bath, please, don’t even think about brushing your hair at this time. The brush is going to get tangled in thick, heavy, and wet knots. If you pull, you are going to tear the hair and cause significant damage to your beard. Damp brushing is one of the leading reasons for hair loss and causes many issues for you if you are looking to get healthier hair. Please make sure you only brush your hair once it dries, or use a dryer when in a hurry. 

Research Products to Use on Your Beard.

If you consider using oils, creams, gels, and balms, you might want to research what these products contain. Some of these creams could be harmful to your skin and beard, depending on your skin and hair type. But worry not, as you can check those tips by Marco Peña on how to take care of your beard, and they will work miraculously.
Suppose you have less experience with hair care products; you might want to consider checking out what he has to say about some of the products you are using. In an attempt to make your hair healthier, a lousy product could end up damaging your hair more than you ever imagined. 

Comb Regularly.

If you let your beard grow on for a while, it can turn into a wild mess. What happens here is that the hair grows in different directions, and then you have a hard time trying to tame it. For this reason, you should comb it twice a day to give it some direction to grow in. Once it starts growing wild, you will probably begin taking random aggressive steps to fix it and make it worse.
Not only does combing give it direction, but it also stimulates the hair follicles in the beard. Combing makes your hair healthier and stimulates hair growth. Meaning you will have a thicker and denser beard than before in a matter of months.

Trim Frequently.

Trimming is essential when you are looking to get healthier hair. Not only does trimming the ends stimulate hair growth, but it can do wonders for the hair itself. Cutting your beard hair eliminates the squiggly hair which split at the ends. These can be extremely annoying both on your beard and on your head. Therefore, it would be best if you cut them. The bent and contorted hair reduces the overall strand of hair’s strength and can seriously affect your beard’s quality. Other than that, trimming jagged hair that sticks out also makes your beard look significantly better. It neatens things out and reduces the unkempt look. You can either cut your hair by going to the hairdresser or, if you’re confident in your abilities, use a pair of scissors at home. 

Don’t Use Warm Water.

When it comes to the beard, using warm water leaves the pores open, causing many issues for your hair follicles and skin in general. You may notice acne and brittle hair if you have been washing your hair with warm water. Moreover, beard dandruff is a real thing. The skin becomes dry and flakey under your beard because the warm water is known to dry up the surface of your skin.
Use room temperature water to wash your beard. It would help you more than you realize and greatly benefit your hair’s quality in just a few months. 


Consider some of these tips when you are looking to work towards healthier hair. Work on your hair, monitor the progress and refer back to when you first started to gauge if there has been a change or not. When combined, these few tips could do great things in changing the shape, texture, density, and overall aesthetic of your beard.

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