Here’s Why People Are up in Arms About Wearing Gold and Silver Rings Together

Can you wear gold and silver rings together?—a question that once would guarantee a resounding no. However, the day of not wearing silver and gold together is long gone. 

Mixing the two precious metals is now more fashionable than ever. Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If you’re wondering how to best mix gold and silver jewelry together to look your best, read on to find out.

Choose Your Outfit First

Picking your outfit before you start mixing your gold and silver jewelry together will help you decide your desired tone. A certain outfit might call for more gold to silver, while another one might benefit from wearing more silver than gold. Choosing your outfit before your jewelry will also help you decide which jewelry you can wear to accentuate your overall look. 

The Art of Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

Just like any good thing, one must be cautious not overdo it. Loading your wrists, fingers, neck, and ears with gold and silver might momentarily mesmerize others. However, it will also most certainly overload any onlookers’ sense of sight.

That being said, it’s best to focus on a few key areas on the body when mixing the two metals. The wrists, neck, and ears are great places to tastefully mix gold and silver together. Start off with mixing smaller more dainty pieces of jewelry together.

Themes and Symmetry

Themes and symmetry help create an overall pleasing aesthetic. For example, you could place a larger gold chain on your wrist and surround it with two smaller silver chains.

Or, if your jewelry pieces are fashioned with stones –, then keep a theme with that stone. This will look way better than mixing a bunch of random stones together with your gold and silver.

Does Silver Damage Gold?

Damaging your jewelry by stacking them together is a big concern for some people. Generally speaking, silver and gold are very soft metals compared to something like platinum.

On the Mohs scale, silver has a hardness of about 2.5 and gold ranges from about 2.8 to 4. That means that silver is softer than gold, and gold jewelry could scratch silver jewelry if worn together.

That being said, if two-piece of jewelry are worn together or “stacked”, then there is the possibility of doing some minor damage. So, if you’re concerned about damaging an old family heirloom for instance, then it is best not to wear that piece with any other piece of jewelry.

When Can You Wear Gold and Silver Rings Together?

Mixing different metal rings together can create a beautiful and stylish look. The same guidelines apply when mixing gold and silver rings together as they do with other types of jewelry. If you don’t own many gold or silver rings to experiment your mixing with, you can always purchase inexpensive wholesale rings to try it out.

Enhance Your Look With Gold and Silver

Wearing gold and silver jewelry together creates a fun and energetic look. Keep your pieces small and themed and you can’t go wrong.

Did we answer your question “can you wear gold and silver rings together”? We hope so! If you found this article helpful, check out our other fashion articles in our blog section.

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