How to Give Your Bedroom a Completely New Look

Think you can’t have the bedroom of your dreams? Not only can you have a bedroom that is clean and comfortable, but is also worthy of Pinterest. Plus, you can do all of this without breaking the bank. You can redo your bedroom by yourself with whatever budget you have available. Read on to learn how you can do just that.

Start With the Editing

Observe your bedroom like someone coming in for the first time. What do you want to keep? What do you want to change? Your bedroom should act as a place where you can relax and recharge. So start by eliminating anything that doesn’t allow you to do that.

Reconfiguring Your Bedroom

Once you have completed the bedroom elimination process, look at your room once more. Now is the time to get into more details. Are your bedroom furniture sets positioned in the right place? Are the accessories in your bedroom placed in an area that gives you the most joy when you enter?

Start with your bed. According to interior design experts, you should place your bed along your bedroom’s longest wall. The rest of your furniture should complement your bed.

Painting Your Bedroom

Color can impact your mood in a variety of ways. Paint acts as an easy way to give your bedroom a great new look without a ton of time or money. Bold color palettes can operate as one way to liven up a space. According to Good Housekeeping, selecting a few bold colors for your bedroom can be one way to make this space feel brand new.

When choosing paint colors, look at your personal style and personality. Gardeners might like greens and yellows, for example. Those who love the water might love a bedroom with complementary shades of blue. Just try not to choose extremely bright colors. These types of colors tend to excite rather than relax.

Refreshing Your Bedroom

The time has come to choose your bedding. It’s important to keep things simple. White comforters give your bedroom a clean and elegant look. Then layer pillows and shams on top of the white bedding to make your bed cozier. If you live in a more moderate climate, you can also add additional blankets and quilts for a pop of color.

If you have money for a few cans of paint or a new comforter, you can redo your bedroom. For an even more dramatic look, getting new bedroom furniture sets can act as just the thing needed for the feelings you want when you enter your bedroom. Whatever time and amount of money you’re willing to spend, a new look for your bedroom is within reach.

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