3 Amazing Style Tips for Curvier Ladies

Being curvaceous isn’t something you should hide or feel ashamed of – curves are beautiful and something to be celebrated. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find clothing styles that flatter curvier bodies. Often, high street shops don’t stock big enough sizes and many plus sized brands sell clothes in boring styles and dull shades. Have a read of this guide for three amazing style tips to not only flatter your curves, but highlight them in a gorgeous and classy way. 

Shop in Great Plus Size Clothing Stores

When shopping at a brand that is specific to plus size bodies, stay away from brands that are simply selling big, shapeless clothes that aim to hide your curves rather than celebrate them – there’s nothing worse than looking like you are hiding underneath your clothes. Plus size clothing brands can still be extremely classy and it’s a mistake to think plus size clothing brands shouldn’t be keeping up to date with all the newest fashion trends. Froxx plus size clothing is a great place to start when looking for trendy and flattering plus size clothing. The countless styles of trousers, tops, dresses and coats will be sure to flatter your body shape in a subtle yet elegant way. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Colours

Sometimes, plus size women are made to feel that they shouldn’t experiment with wearing bold colours, but don’t be fooled! There’s no point in blending into the background as a plus sized woman – you want to emphasise your curves with bold colours that will really make you stand out! Remember the basic fashion rules of not mixing patterns and clashing colours, but otherwise feel free to experiment as much as you’d like! Curvier women benefit from accentuating their waistline so wear a contrasting colour or pattern at your waist to highlight it and cinch in your outfit. 

Make Sure Your Outfit Looks Balanced

It’s important to make an outfit look cohesive as a whole when you put it on, and this involves balancing out your outfit to make it appear equally heavy on both the top and the bottom. If you have bigger hips, wear a jacket with a strong shoulder silhouette to really create that hourglass shape. If you’re wearing a tight top, balance it with some gorgeous floaty trousers. Likewise, if you’re going for a bold skinny jean look, balance it with an oversized jumper or chunky cardigan. A balanced outfit is key to looking put together while also appearing effortless. 

If you’re a plus sized woman, make sure you don’t compromise on style! There are loads of great fashion brands out there that cater to plus sized women which will be sure to flatter your curves while still giving you style options that look up to date and modern. If you need to revamp your wardrobe and want a wardrobe that’s really catered to your plus sized body, make sure to implement these tips! Remember, don’t hide under your clothes. Wear bold prints, bold colours and daring styles – your clothes are meant to be seen after all!

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