How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue for Every Budget

Nearly 45 percent of couples went over budget when planning their wedding by over $7,000. 

If you are newly engaged and are planning your wedding, you most likely want to be the couple that stays within their wedding budget. But staying within a budget does not mean that your wedding won’t dazzle your guests. 

There are several important tips on how you can stay within your budget while getting the best wedding venue and other wedding staples for your money.

Here is a quick guide on how to choose the perfect wedding venue for your budget. 

Start Early

Wedding venues get snapped up fast. Especially following the COVID-19 pandemic when many couples had to reschedule their wedding for 2021. 

Start to look early when trying to choose the best wedding venue for your budget. That will give you the best chances of getting the wedding venue you want. 

Choose Non-Traditional Days 

About 70 percent of weddings take place on a Saturday. This can make certain wedding venues extremely competitive to get. It can make you feel as if you have to push your wedding back in order to nab a certain venue.

However, if your heart is set on a certain venue, inquire about days other than Saturday. Choosing to have your wedding on a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday can open up availability at some incredible popular wedding venues. 

Seek Out Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

This is a great trick for finding an affordable wedding venue that can make your day extra special. Branch out to look at non-traditional wedding venues. This can mean looking at Airbnb for homes with beautiful backyards. 

You can look at parks, galleries, memorial sites, historic homes, concert venues, and more. Many spaces can be transformed into your perfect wedding venue with a little bit of creativity. 

Check the Fine Print

Sometimes, a wedding venue will offer you a price that seems unbeatable. But check the fine print before you sign. Ask what is included in the price.

Will they include the chairs, tables, and linens, or is that extra? Will they add any surcharges for electricity or plumbing afterward if it is a barn wedding or other outdoor venue?

Cut Back on Other Expenses

At the end of the day, you may have your heart set on a wedding venue that is a little pricier than you can afford. If you do not want to compromise on the venue, then you may need to look to see where you can cut back in other places. 

Making the wedding favors yourself, or switching to a DJ from a live band can help you afford your perfect wedding venue. 

Learn More Tips on How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue 

Choosing the best wedding venue on a budget is one of the key parts of wedding planning. Using the tips you learned above, you should be well prepared to find the wedding venue that will your special day one to remember forever. 

If you are interested in learning more about budgeting for a wedding and other wedding planning tips, follow along for more articles

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