4 Amazing Tips To Get Rid Of Unwanted Acne

Acne could be defined in one word as pain. Moreover, it has an irritating habit of appearing when you do not want it to appear or you have any important event. Acne is caused when your skin gets blocked and infected. But you do not have to worry about its curing. You can click here to get some fantastic tips to get rid of unwanted acne.

Do not touch the pimples and cleanse

The most tempting task at the time of having acne is to touch it but you are highly advised to break this habit. It is because touching them can increase them and it can also lead more bacteria to enter the pores. So, if you are having active acne, try not to touch it. You should use a facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin and has pH balancing properties. Such cleansers prevent inflammation and also help in curing them. You must also not use skincare products that have excessive oil.

Oil free skincare 

The common cause of pimples is blocked pores due to the accumulation of dirt. Oily skin produces more sebum and thus it is highly prone to acne. Hence, it is suggested not to use oil-based skin care products. Using the oil based skin care products in this condition may block the pores which could increase the risk of more acne. If you are also having oily skin and acne, then purchase the water-based skin care products.

Home remedies for acne 

There are tons of home remedies for reducing and treating acne. Dermatologists also suggest some home remedies which involve the use of herbal extracts, which are easily available ingredients. Here are some home remedies that you may opt for removal of acne:

  • Aloe Vera: It is said to be the natural antibacterial as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in the prevention of acne breakouts and also reduces the appearance of acne. Being a cooling agent, it also keeps the skin moisturized.
  • Lemon juice and rose water: Lemon has been used as an exfoliating agent for many years. Lemon juice is very good for the treatment of acne. All you have to do is just squeeze a lemon and add some rosewater into it and apply the mixture on the skin.
  • Coconut oil: Like all the other natural remedies, coconut is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil can help to speed up the healing process of open acne.
  • Honey: Honey contains many antioxidants which help in curing and prevention of the skin from acne. Honey helps in the removal of wastes and debris from the pores and makes your skin smooth.
  • Mint: This also helps in de-clogging the pores and also protects the skin from bacterial infections. Mint keeps the skin clear and smooth as well as acne free.

Reduce stress 

Many dermatologists are of the view that stress is also a cause of excessive acne. Stress causes an increase in the level of androgen hormone which increases the oil in the skin and hence the result is acne. So, keep yourself stress free to avoid acne.

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