6 Tips to Find the Right Event Designer for You

If you’re planning an upcoming event, and your checklist of things to do just keeps getting longer, it might be time to hire an event designer. 

Event designers help relieve the stress of planning so you can actually enjoy your wedding or party. But how do you find one that’s right for you? We’ve got you covered with six tips for finding the perfect designer for your next event.  

1. Determine Your Event Objective

Why are you and your guests gathering together? The answer to this question is your event objective. While there may be a clear reason as to why you’re hosting the event, you should also consider what impression you want it to have on your guests. 

What kind of feeling do you want them to leave with? All of these considerations will be taken into account by your event designer and will be reflected in everything from event order to color scheme. 

2. Set Your Budget and Stick to It

When setting your budget, be particular. Start off with how much you would like to spend overall. Then, you and your designer can break down costs to determine what’s reasonable. 

Figure out what you are willing to spend more on. Maybe you want to invest in providing a full meal for your guests but aren’t as concerned with having live music. These are all things your event designer will need to know in order to provide vendor recommendations. 

3. Look at Experience and Recommendations

Now that you have some event planning ideas and a budget to go off of, it’s time to start looking for an event planner nearby. It helps to have someone in the area who may already have connections with venues and vendors. 

When deciding between designers, look at experience and industry recommendations. Maybe someone you know suggested a certain event planner. However, it’s always a good idea to research their reputation and read plenty of reviews. 

4. Find Someone Who Specializes in Your Event Type

When looking at the experience of different event designers, find people who specialize in the type of event you are hosting. Chances are a corporate event designer will have very different expertise than a wedding designer. 

If you want a professional recommendation, reach out to venues that are often booked for your type of event and ask for references. 

5. Ask the Right Questions

Now it’s time to interview your event designers. Come prepared with a list of questions that cover everything from general logistics to specific details of your event. 

How the designer answers each question will give you an idea of how they would handle every aspect of planning your event. Additionally, pay attention to the questions they have for you. 

A good event designer will come prepared with questions to show that they are invested in your event and are aligned with your vision. 

6. Test Out Compatibility

Even if all of their credentials look great, hiring the right event designer comes down to compatibility. The person or people planning your event will be with you through the whole process. 

You want to have a good rapport with your designer. They should make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. According to K&S Events, the best event designers will seek to get to know you personally, so they have a good understanding of your style and objectives.  

Test out compatibility by meeting them in-person. Grab a coffee and introduce them to anyone else involved in the event to make sure that everyone gets along great. 

Hire the Perfect Event Designer for You

We hope these tips serve as a guide to help you find an event designer with the experience and compatibility that you need.

Don’t spoil the excitement of your upcoming event by taking on more than you need to. Hire an event designer today!

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