Fashion Through the Looking Glass – How Online Meetings Change the Way You Dress

Even in normal times, it can be hard to get into a fashion groove. It’s been a long time since we could comfortably walk into a women’s clothing store and shop for the next power suit or dress for that next big meeting. Different types of events call for different styles, and as your life changes, so should your wardrobe. Add to that the ever-changing nature of the latest trends, and it can feel practically impossible to look your best on a regular basis. But even if you finally got on a roll as 2019 gave way to 2020, odds are the coronavirus pandemic made it necessary to adjust your style once again. Online councils have little in common with in-person meetings, and the fashions change with the alteration in circumstances. All sorts of new possibilities (and many new faux pas) come into play. Here’s how you should go about dressing for online meetings in the midst of these crazy times.

Keep It Professional From The Waist Up

Even though virtual meetings invite a more relaxed style, you should still try to look your best. This means your clothes from the waist up should be just as professional as what you would normally wear to the office. Whether this means wearing a suit jacket or a classy blouse, make sure your outfit is in keeping with earlier norms.

Put Extra Focus on Upper-Body Accessories

Since it’s your upper body that will dominate the screen, you should put even more focus on this area than you normally would. This means thinking extra hard about every pendant, scarf, and necklace. You could even try looking at yourself in your webcam before the meeting starts, giving you the chance to check out your outfit with plenty of time to make changes.

Feel Free to Prioritize Comfort Down Below

When working from home, you might as well enjoy the perks. Nobody is likely to see your pants (and they almost certainly won’t see your feet). That means sweatpants, pajama bottoms, and comfy slippers all come into play. 

Always, Always, ALWAYS Wear Pants

While comfortable bottoms are acceptable, foregoing pants altogether is simply asking for trouble. We’ve all seen those viral clips of unfortunate, pantsless folks who put their cameras down just a little too low. If someone catches a glimpse of your sweatpants, they’ll probably just chuckle and move on. More extreme exposure, on the other hand, could get you into serious trouble. 

In an era when almost every meeting is virtual, your fashion sense is likely to change. Follow these tips to dress properly (and comfortably) for video calls while avoiding embarrassing mishaps.

About the author:

Reggie Moore is a freelance writer and proto-entrepreneur. When not trying to tinker with a new process or idea, Reggie can usually be found saying the words “Well, actually…” to an unsuspecting bystander.

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