Smart Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Stand Out

Weddings are special, not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone close to them. But with the onset of the wedding season, every other wedding can start to feel the same with the same old wedding ceremony, cocktail party, dinner and the usual drill. This necessitates a different approach to a wedding reception that can be both exciting and memorable even after the wedding is over.

A couple must first recognise the importance of their wedding day. It’s their day, and the guests should leave thinking just that. Before making your guests feel comfortable and happy, you should first focus on yourself and your partner’s happiness on this very special day. Engage in activities that you two enjoy together. With these three principles in mind, you can get started with some ways to make your wedding reception stand out.

1. Choose a setting that evokes memories of your togetherness

You can decorate your wedding venue such that it takes you down the memory lane. Consider the season, time of the day, colour or fabric that evokes memories of your togetherness. Your wedding venue should be filled with memories for you and your partner.

2. Let the location shine 

From the table set up to the drinks served, let the location shine for you. The cake cutting ceremony followed by the first dance with your partner after marriage should be on a ground you feel self-assured and confident. Let the lighting be shady and the music romantic enough to set the mood for the evening.

3. Couple’s choice of menu

On your big day, your first meal together should be special. So all the food items that get served should be of your choice. This will of course rule out any options for the guests.

4. Set a bar

It’s a good idea to set a bar right from the start of the wedding ceremony. People can sip on some wine while you’re reading your wedding vows. This can set them in a mood to go on till the after-party.

5. Hire local bands

No party is fun without some music. You can choose from some local bands for weddings and suggest some of your favourite songs as a couple. When you groove to their music, you consequently encourage your guests to join with you. The band can also take some song suggestions to involve everyone in the party.

6. After-party

Once the main party is over, you can take your selection of close friends to a less formal and more exclusive after-party. There you can hike up the heat with more options of alcoholic drinks and late-night bites. When you think of some entertainment for a wedding, it’s best to hire some DJs or bands who can play the songs of your choice so that you can put your hair down and dance to rejoice the milestone you touched in your life.

7. Wedding favors

While some of your invitees may have given you a huge wedding gift or traversed great distances to attend your wedding, it becomes quite inevitable that you show some gratitude in the end by gifting them some wedding favors. You can choose to give them some favorite foods that the two of you enjoy as a couple or some memento to remind them of you both. Whatever the wedding favors, the near and dear ones will be excited to take them back home.


A wedding is the best way to announce a couple’s togetherness. Any kind or size of blessing is appreciated as long as it keeps them both happy and looking forward to the future together.

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