Suffering From Hair Loss? Here Are 3 Ways to Help

Men and women of all ages can suffer unusual hair loss, but the problem seems to be more common among those who are middle-aged and older. Some types of hair loss that leads to baldness is hereditary. Other reasons for hair loss include certain health conditions and medications as well as harsh treatment of the hair. Here are three things you can do that may reduce excessive hair loss.

Adjust Your Hair Care Routine

When hair fall out stems from trauma, change the way you treat and style your hair. Use natural, nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners instead of those with harsh chemicals. Wash your hair twice a week instead of daily. Deep condition your hair monthly to keep it in good shape. Avoid overusing styling gels and sprays or steam rollers and hot curling irons or straighteners. Give your hair a break from strenuous brushing or combing as well as tight braids or other styles that apply consistent tension to your scalp. Learn how to massage your scalp in soothing ways to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Consider Hair Growth Supplies and Supplements

Ask your salon stylist about hair growth products that are natural and healthy. Many hair care experts recommend biotin and special vitamins to strengthen your hair and to gently stimulate your scalp. Your doctor may be able to suggest hair growth supplements that can treat potential nutritional deficiencies your health may be temporarily or permanently experiencing. If your home does not have the benefit of a water softening system, you could wash your hair in bottled water that is gentler. Choose a brush and comb that won’t snag or break off the ends of your hair. Treat your hair carefully to keep it from falling out.

Change Your Hairstyle

If your regular hairstyles include teasing, spraying, pinning, tying, or clipping your hair with products that can be rough, pick another hairstyle at least until your hair begins to grow back again. Softer waves and styles that don’t pull on your hair roots tightly help to prevent hair loss due to pressure. If your hair is weak or needs to grow out for a more becoming style, consider wearing custom made wigs in the meantime. Many celebrities and people young or old wear wigs for a different look or to be stylish. Check out trendy styles and order one for a fashionable new appearance.

Be kind to your hair and give it a chance to regrow by changing the way your hair care routine and daily style if needed. Within a few months, your hair may begin to grow thicker and stop falling out as it enjoys improved health.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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