Tips for Making Your Bathroom an Inviting Place for Guests

As it pertains to guests, it’s really easy to focus on the way a bathroom gets decorated. While fresh flowers and beautiful artwork can make a bathroom feel cozy, there are many other factors you have to consider when you’re looking to create an inviting place for your guests to take care of their personal needs. In order to make sure your bathroom exceeds expectations, consider the following recommendations within your bathroom maintenance routine.

1. Specialize in Sanitary Conditions

Don’t wait until a guest is coming to your house to clean up. Instead, maintain a consistent weekly regimen that involves cleaning every corner of your home. When you do this, you won’t miss the dirt that’s collecting on the baseboards. You’ll be able to catch the dirt beneath the crevices of the toilet bowls before it turns into a permanent stain. These details matter because they show how important cleanliness is to you. A lot of people don’t like using public restrooms because they are so filthy. If a person walks into your private bathroom and feels the same sense of disgust, it’s going to be very difficult for them to feel comfortable using the restroom. Utilizing toilet drops can help minimize odors while maintaining a welcoming environment. Make sure to regularly restock in case you are expecting guests.

2. Include Signage

In most cases, guests use the toilet bowl when they’re using the restroom. It’s not uncommon for an unpleasant smell to be associated with using the restroom. However, if you have signage and products that can indicate what people can do in order to eliminate the stench, this can help them feel more comfortable. If you have toilet drops or air-freshening sprays that they can use discreet signage that instructs guests where to find them. 

3. Maintain Visible Stock

Purchase a small basket that you can place in the corner of the bathroom. Fill it up with toilet paper rolls and paper towels. This will ensure that you never run out of the essential necessities that your guests need in order to use the restroom. Keep a stash of hand soap and other toiletries a guest will potentially need. For women, there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without a sanitary napkin when it’s needed. It’s a great idea to keep a variety of options (tampons and pads) in a small box or in a cabinet.

The bathroom is the private space for a guest to take care of themselves when they’re not at home. If your bathroom is visibly dirty or unkempt, this will impact the way the guest feels in the space. When a guest enters your home, they should feel invited and welcome. By maintaining these regimens on a consistent basis, it’ll be easier for you to create an atmosphere (and bathroom) that allows your guests to relax and feel at home.

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