Beauty Tips: Office Make Up Look

Women who work in an office must pay attention to their appearance, especially if they have to meet people in person, but they shouldn’t overdo it. You can adopt a simple every day routine which doesn’t require much time as nowadays working women don’t have a lot of free time. Follow these tips to create a make up look appropriate for an office work.

Don’t omit cleansing and hydration

First of all, if you wear make up on a daily basis, you should take extra care of your skin. Start your beauty routine in the morning with good hydration and finish your skin care at night with good cleansing before you go to bed.

The base is important

A primer isn’t necessary if your day cream is quite moisturizing. A fluid foundation is a good base for your make up look. Make sure you choose one that matces your needs and stays on for hours. In case your skin is in an excellent condition, a bb cream or a tinted sunscreen can replace the foundation.

Do you need a concealer?

A good concealer can be the most valuable product. One in a liquid form can be preferrable for more mature skin, but if you hydrate your skin properly a compact concealer can be very covering. It can lighten up your face when used wisely. You can apply it under your eyes, but it can work as an eyeshadow primer on your eyelid. You can cover age spots, freckles and pimples and it brightens up your skin. Nevertheless, you can omit it, especially in hot days when you can’t stand wearing a lot of makeup.

Use neutral shades

Some neutral blush on your cheekbones gives a healthy touch on your face. Your blush can be also used as an eyeshadow for a natural look.

For your eyes

For your eyes you can choose from a variety of earthy shades to keep your look simple.
Eye pencil can be used as well as mascara for a more impressive result. Using an eyeliner can give a more formal touch.

Keep your eyebrows in shape

It would be advisable to keep your eyebrows natural and in good shape. You can also use a transparent mascara both on your eyelashes and eyebrows.

For your lips

You can also use a discreet lipstick to highlight your lips. The use of a lip pencil underneath will make the color last longer. If you aren’t used to wearing lipstick, you can alternatively wear a lipbalm to give your lips a little tint.

Last touch

You can seal your make up with a compact powder if required. You don’t have to put it on your whole face. You can apply it on the parts of your face that get oily, like your forehead and chin, but it is also useful under your eyes as it prevents the eye makeup from spreading on your face.

When you work in an office, you represent a company. Your look has to comply with the company’s profile. Try to look professional and keep your look classy. You can also read Tips For Being A Businesswoman & A Beauty.

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