The Most Underrated Skills and Moves in Wrestling

Mostly in combat sports, few signature moves are very popular & often overused. Wrestling is the combat sport which involves two people doing clinching fights, and throwing & takedowns each other. It’s the oldest form of combat sports that dates back to 15000 years. There are so many subtle wrestling techniques & which are highly effective but mostly overlooked because of their simplicity & ease of execution. Wrestling is itself a very complicated sport, however mastering a few skills & moves—help in perfecting the advanced ones—they are very critical for your development as a wrestler. The most intriguing fact about wrestling people has always been stoked by the realistic moves that are executed by the wrestlers in the fighting ring. In this article we have compiled the most underrated wrestling moves & skills, that you should focus on being a wrestler while performing in your wrestling singlet. 

1)Single Leg Defense

The single leg movement concentrates on your hip rotation rather than the leg usage as its name suggests. It’s a highly beneficial movement which transfers your opponent’s superior position by restricting the movement.

2) Go-Behind

Go-behind is an exceptional maneuver because it’s versatile enough to be executed both offensively & defensively. The go-behind move can be executed straight after the application of a headlock as the opportunity of pinning down your opponent. It’s a very basic move which can be tweaked slightly for gaining an advantage.

3) Outside Stand Up

It’s a very basic move that requires a little bit of practice. Most important thing that you should remember while applying this technique is pivoting your defence off your ankle & try not to move it. It’s an easy strategy that you can apply to regain the superior position.

4) Mat Returns

This simple yet underrated move forces the opponent to get  back down for retaining their superior position. It might interfere with the opponent’s defense of standing-up maneuver & allowing you to maintain the advantage over their position. There’re many drills that you can do for improving your wrestling skills, those wrestling exercises will help with daily fitness as well beside letting you master various matts techniques. 

5) Hip Heists

Hip heist is the move which can be drilled & mastered in no time. It’s a very basic and easy skill that assists you in getting rid of the tight spot in a defensive manner.  This technique has to be precise for letting you succeed in that area. 

6) Leg Attacks

Again keeping the things basic, leg attacks are the moves of primary importance. The thing that you must remember about leg attacks is the head should necessarily be up & underneath the knees. It heightens your power level that you have gained over the opponent. With the head drop, you tend to lose the power stance & the opponent gets the potential of scoring multiple points. They’re able to do it by keeping the head down.

7) A Gut Wrench & Leg Lace

These are the set of pretty rudimentary wrestling skills which aid in the process of winning. Starting from going with a single leg lace to your gut wrench that allows the locking up of the opponent & doing the side roll. This set of moves is used in both manners offensive and defensive.

8) Ankle Pick

It’s an amazing move that is great to be applied while you are in a tied position with the opponent. It’s very easy and pretty basic to apply & very effective in bringing the opponent down without a hussle. 

9) Slide-By

Slide-by is the defensive maneuver which momentarily tricks the opponent into thinking that they have the upper position in the fighting arena. Along with being fluid in their own movements, this defensive technique can turn quickly into an offensive strategy & can bring the opponent down effectively.

Advanced underrated wrestling skills 

  1. Chokeslam Wrestling Move

Chokeslam is one of the famous and advanced moves in the game of wrestling. It’s a form of body slamming which allows the wrestlers to grasp his opponent’s neck, while lifting him up in the air & then slamming him back on the floor. This move was initially innovated by Paul Heyman. It’s generally referred to as the finishing shot that settles your opponent once &  often executed by the wrestlers as it’s comparatively safe but appears to be powerful on screen. In the moment your opponent first goes for the neck & by utilizing the free hand slams them on the table or a deck surface forcefully. Chokeslam is often performed by the taller & stronger wrestlers that give terrifying visuals to their audience. 

  1. Neckbreaker Wrestling Move

Neckbreaker is the form of a slam or the throw that primarily focuses on the neck of your opponent. In a neckbreaker the wrestler tends to slam his neck against his opponent at any of his body parts, usually his head, head or the knee. There’s some other form of the neckbreaker attack, in this attack the wrestler holds his opponent’s  neck, twists it & throws it away. It’s popularly known as the ‘back head slam’. Various wrestlers have their individual style of executing the neckbreaker slam. 

  1. Brainbuster Wrestling Move

Brainbuster is the professional wrestling skill in which a professional wrestler locks his opponent under the arm, hooks the pants or his thigh and lifts them and throws in the form of a vertical suplex that results in the wrestler landing on the back while his opponent lands on the head remaining in the same vertical position. This move can be dangerous as there are a lot of higher chances of breaking the neck. The double underhook brainbuster popularly known as Michinoku Driver, initially Inverted the brainbuster.

  1. DDT Wrestling Move

The DDT is the wrestling trick which was innovated by Jake “ The Snake ” Roberts. This move makes the wrestlers lock his opponent’s head under the arm & fall back on the floor resultantly your opponent getting a harder hit hard on the head & back. It’s a move that was widely practiced by the Mexican wrestler Black Gordman. 

  1. Power Slam Wrestling Move

Power slam is another famous wrestling move. By executing this move, a wrestler gets to his opponent by taking his hold & after putting him down your opponent will be unable to gather himself & stand up. This move, makes the wrestler who performs slam falls on his opponent face down. 

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