The 5 best forms of martial arts for women

In the past few years, women have become victims of crimes like sexual assaults along with domestic violence frequently. So these crimes have increased in our society and it has become important for every woman to learn about self-defense and should learn about several ways through which they can protect themselves from critical situations. Basically, self-defense is all about getting ready, physically and mentally to face any type of adverse situation. But I have seen most people get confused about which way they should adopt in order to defend themselves from this type of situation. So, today I will describe various means which will sort all of these confusions of yours, but before that let me tell you that if you want to learn about the various skills of martial arts I would say that you must get the proper gym gear first. So if you are in search of appropriate gym gear and other accessories I would suggest you shop for them from elite sports, at the cheapest price with the best quality that lasts longer. 

So, I will be describing the 5 basic best martial arts for women which will help you to get out of deadly situations. 


Jiu-jitsu actually teaches you several skills which should be known by everybody. Women’s anatomy is different from men’s, they are weaker than men, which might put them in these types of deadly critical situations which I have mentioned above. But they should definitely learn several skills so that they can help themselves to move away from dangerous situations. 

Jiu-jitsu is the type of combat that always leads you towards the ground. Imagine yourself on the ground with someone heavier, and much stronger upon you, so you can apply some skills of jiu-jitsu to counter-attack against that person. I would suggest you learn some basics of jiu-jitsu first few of these skills I am mentioning below.


Grip strength is the utmost thing when it comes to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other grappling techniques. The grip of your opponent depends upon the fact that how much control you have over their movements and postures. So you should start practicing how you can build strength grip, and with continuous practice, you will notice how your body starts getting stronger than before. 

Bridging and shrimping

Shrimping and bridging are actually two important moves of jiu-jitsu. It’s important for you to learn these movements as well while learning other techniques.

Passing the guard

The guard allows the fighter in the bottom to use all of his/her four limbs to prevent the opponent from taking over the control of their position. So if you are a BJJ fighter searching for sweat-wicking and comfortable gym outfits, you must shop for them from elite sports

2. Karate 

Karate is the best and most famous martial art for self-defense. In karate, you tend to learn about strikes while in jiu-jitsu you learn about grappling skills. So both grappling and striking skills are important to learn for your self-defense. The most different and effective styles of karate include Goju-Ryu and Kyokushin are the most effective skills that you can learn, so there are various beneficial techniques you can learn in karate, but I would say the fast and explosive strike could save your life surely. 

Is karate stronger than kung fu? 

Although both of them have similar techniques, kung fu styles have a variety of techniques compared to the karate systems. 

3. Taekwondo 

Taekwondo is actually the scientific Korean martial art that teaches you about fighting skills. In fact, it means ‘the right way to use all of the body to stop fights, and help to build a better and more peaceful world.’

The kicks executed in taekwondo deliver a lot of power as compared to the hand strikes. Taekwondo is an effective way for self-defense of women because when somebody tries to attack the woman they expect her to bite, strike, or some other thing to defend herself but they seriously don’t expect her to execute a powerful turning kick on the attacker’s stomach. So I must say that learning the taekwondo skills will be more beneficial for you. 

4. Muay thai 

In Muay Thai the attacker actually utilizes his/her eight limbs to deliver a violent and aggressive attack to the opponent. It’s the art of 8 limbs because it makes use of 8 points of contact, mainly punches, elbow, knees, and kicks. If a woman is passing by the road and becomes a victim of the attacker’s violence and if she knew about Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, she could definitely defend herself. So you can also practice muay Thai techniques too at home with a new piece of equipment such as sandbags for striking and hand protection. 

5. Krav maga 

Krav maga is the military self-defense and fighting system developed for Israel’s defense forces which were derived from a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, judo, wrestling, aikido, and karate. It’s the unique system of martial arts in which the attacker is capable of damaging and causing serious injuries to the opponent using any part of their body such as legs, knees, and elbow. There are actually two types of krav maga, one used by Israeli military police and the other one used by civilians. In a real-life implementation, krav maga is the most effective in all types of combat sports. 

Krav maga does not have the black belt like the other forms of exercises, but it usually takes 3-6 years to become the master in krav maga. 

How to defend yourself as being a woman? 

There are certainly other ways through which women can defend themselves. For example with a hammer string, using your car key is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself, groin kick, heel palm strikes, elbow strikes, alternate elbow strikes, escape with hand trapped, escape with a side headlock. 

So these are the basic defensive skills which you should definitely learn to make yourself escape from critical situations.

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