Want a House With a View? 4 Areas to Consider

If you’re ready to pick up and move, but you’re not quite sure where to go, deciding can be a pretty tough decision. If you know, though, that you want to live somewhere where you can take in beautiful views from your own home, there are a few places you simply must check out.

Boise, Idaho

If a desert mountain view sounds breathtaking to you, Boise may be beckoning you for a visit. Boise is a growing city that still maintains lots of open space to take in. It’s considered a desert area, but with the Boise River running through, it’s also green enough to earn the nickname the City of Trees. The city is developing new businesses and new roads to accommodate the growing population, but there are still places to live where you can be positioned with a view of the outdoors. As the economy continues to grow, there are also job opportunities in Boise.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Have you considered living where most people only vacation? Myrtle Beach premier properties have ocean views like you would never believe. South Carolina boasts 60 miles of beautiful, sunny beaches, and you can make the area your home. Myrtle Beach is known for cordial hospitality and excellent health care providers. Given the popularity of the area, there are also ample job opportunities. Even though it’s a summer tourist destination, Myrtle Beach has low tax rates and a low cost of living, which gives you greater flexibility and control over your cash.

Provo, Utah

Utah is probably more overlooked than it should be, but Provo is emerging as a more well-known city south of Salt Lake. It is becoming a popular city in the technology industry, with a well-educated, rising millennial population. Creative designers and others with a tech background will be well-pleased with the opportunities Provo holds. While these are excellent reasons to move to Provo, they don’t hold a candle to the landscape you’ll find there. Once you have seen Utah, you may never want to leave.

Denver, Colorado

If you embrace the cold and snow, Denver might be the city you’re looking for. This metro area holds plenty of job opportunities while the gorgeous mountains hold hiking opportunities and scenery for your viewing pleasure. Much work has gone into improving Denver’s communities in the last few years, resulting in excellent parks and many places to maintain an active lifestyle. The transit rail and new skyscrapers give it an urban feel, in case you’re not quite ready to entirely give up the city life.

Moving can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you like where you’re going to live. Boise, Myrtle Beach, Provo, and Denver are cities you should definitely consider if you want to have beautiful views, right from your own house!

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