Ways to Go the Extra Mile to Highlight Your Partner on Their Birthday

Your significant other arrived to another birthday while putting up with your, um, quirks, which deserves a parade in itself. However, this birthday is all about them. Use this opportunity to show your appreciation to your lover on their big day with some items that will go the extra mile to highlight your partner on their birthday (and hopefully embarrass them).

Birthday Yard Signs

Let the whole neighborhood know that your boo just turned another year older with the help of personalized birthday yard signs. Include your partner’s name and real age in the fully customizable, giant yard sign to amp up the cringe factor. Also, be sure to wave at all the neighbors as they slow down their cars to read the sign. Whatever you do, save the sign for next year’s birthday party, too.


Does your significant other dislike karaoke? Perfect. After a cocktail or two, encourage the party goers to sing their favorite songs on a karaoke machine. Of course, the guest of honor must sing a song before anyone else gets a chance. As the first one to the microphone, everyone will have their eyes on the stage. If they can’t seem to come up with a song to sing, let the crowd pick (we suggest “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus).

Decorate With Old Photos

As we get older, we tend to miss the days when we didn’t hear bones crack at the slightest awkward movement. However, some things can stay in the past, like hammer pants. Unless you have pictures of your spouse wearing hammer pants. Find the most embarrassing photos you can and plaster them throughout your home or the party venue. Everyone will enjoy looking through the pictures, and you can even have people vote for the best photo to take a new, updated photo in the same outside and pose.

Surprise Delivery at Work

We can’t all take the day off for our birthday. However, you can bring the merriment to their workplace with a flower or cake delivery. While not especially traumatic, it will get everyone talking. IF you can find a company that offers a singing telegram at the time of delivery, even better.

It’s your partner’s birthday, and you want to make it all about them for a day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun throughout the process.

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