5 Skin Care Alternatives That Are Working Wonders

Everybody should focus on caring for their skin. Glowing skin makes you look healthy and boosts your self-esteem. The beauty industry has become more popular than before. Its expansion to social media has increased the emphasis on purchasing multiple beauty products for perfect skin. Today, you can easily find terms like “beauty hauls” on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Most beauty products are expensive and might not solve your skin issues. Sometimes, they react with the skin and cause additional damage. If you are experiencing major skin woes, the following are alternatives you should consider incorporating in your skincare routine for excellent results.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil on your skin is one of the best decisions that you can ever make. According to dermatologists, this product is an antioxidant and has inflammatory and healing properties. Additionally, it helps to moisturize dry skin. It is the best solution for damaged skin or one with pimples. You can use it to soothe your skin and take off makeup. Put a few droplets on your palm and massage them on your face for several minutes daily. Ensure that you wash it off with a cleanser.

Coconut oil is an excellent alternative to skincare products. However, it might not be beneficial to all skin types. Individuals who are allergic to coconut or experience irritation after applying the coconut oil should avoid it.

2. Drink Water

Water is one of the ingredients to smooth healthy skin. It improves the functionality of the skin cells. And other body functions. For example, it helps the kidney to function better and helps dark circles on the skin appear lighter.

Drinking approximately eight glasses of water daily also helps to solve various skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. The best thing about using water instead of beauty products for your skin is that it is easily accessible and does not have any side effects.

3. Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural skin care product. You should consider using this product if you have been dealing with skin issues for a long time. It strengthens boosts the skin’s health due to its healing properties. Moreover, it moisturizes and soothes the skin without interfering with the pores. Combining all these functions equips your skin with a healthy glow. For the best results, ensure that you wash your face daily and then apply the aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a safe product for almost everybody. However, if you want to test whether you are allergic to aloe vera, rub it on your forearm and see if you will have any reaction after 24 hours.

4. Avocado oil and Facemask

Avocado is a popular fruit that can work wonders for your skin. It has vitamin E and properties that enhance the skin’s moisture. You can apply the fruit oil directly on your face or mash one or two fruits to make a face mask. It is more effective for people with dry skin or acne. Therefore, avocado is not only a food but also an exceptional skincare product.

5. Honey

This product is an effective kitchen ingredient that you can use on your skin. It has multiple components that can benefit your skin, especially for people dealing with acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. For example, It has antibacterial properties which balance skin bacteria. For this reason, it is a better acne product than other skincare products sold in beauty shops.

Another reason why using honey will work wonders on your skin is its ability to reduce inflammation and boost the healing processes in the skin cells. It is beneficial to people with eczema outbreaks. It is also convenient if you have wounds on your skin or face.

Honey also exfoliates the skin by eliminating the dry skin hence allowing new skin cells to grow. Other beauty products, such as 15 TCA chemical peel, also assist in this process by removing the damaged skin layers. However, the two vary because honey is natural. You can use honey alone or combine it with other ingredients like turmeric and almond milk.


Overall, everyone desires healthy, acne-free, glowing skin. The increased popularity of the beauty industry has facilitated the introduction of many beauty products. If you do not want to purchase these items, you can use alternatives like honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, and avocado. Also, ensure that you drink enough water.

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