Fall/Winter Lash Trends 2021

Not only are we excited for the leaves to turn to stunning burnt oranges and deep reds, we are also eager for fall lash trends to start appearing on our social feeds! 

We know exactly what looks we think we’ll be seeing these upcoming months. Take a look…


If you haven’t heard of the wet lash look, it’s time to catch up! This ultra-cool, dewy style is quickly increasing in popularity thanks to celebs such as Kim K who pair it with slick back hair.
As you’ve probably guessed, this look resembles lashes when they’re wet, so they’re more clumped together and darker.

To create this lash extension look, a lash artist would use closed lash fans or almost closed volume lash fans – for example 5 lashes would be slightly pinched together at the base creating a very close together fan, then placed on one natural lash. These fans would look denser and darker.


L & M curls are on the rise as the demand for a more ‘lifted’ eye look grows. There is a slightly more angular bend in these curls which means the base sits on the natural lash and then almost shoots upward to give that lift!

Smaller eyes can benefit from these curls as they can make the eye appear more open. L and M eyelash extensions are also great for cat eye styles / eyeliner styles as they have a sharper look. 


Ever fancied a hint of color for a particular event you’re going to? Well there’s no end of inspiration popping up on our Instagram feeds! From hot pinks and violets to silvers and ocean blues, there’s so much creativity that can go into a lash set now. 

Whether Classic, Volume or Megavolume, colored lashes are perfect for events such as Halloween, Christmas or New Years!


Extreme cat eye lash looks are to die for! We are OBSESSED. 

The sultry cat eye look is great for making a more circular eye appear wider, or even make an almond eye even more show stopping! Smouldering much? 

As you can imagine, an extreme cat eye starts shorter in the inner corners of the eyes and drastically gets longer towards the outer corners.

To get the look, L or M curls can be used or longer length lashes in the outer corners.


Think wispy lashes slightly longer than the natural lash with show-stopping spikes every few lashes! The effortlessly wispy look rocked by the queen Kardashian herself, has become wildly popular. An extreme version is when the spikes are even longer than usual so that they stand out.

We can’t wait to see all the fall styles on the streets and flooding the Instagram explore page!

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