3 Things to Look for In Kitchen Countertops

Picking the ideal kitchen countertop is not an easy decision. Nor should it be made lightly. Kitchens are the most popular room in the house apart from the bedroom, where many families spend a significant amount of time. 

You should only use materials that serve a specific purpose, such as heat resistance or heavy-duty wear and tear. Whether you are remodelling your home or you need to repair the countertop, understanding what to look out for is critical.

The Price of Materials and Installation

Most kitchen countertop designs are reasonably affordable; however, they are a focal point of the kitchen and will be used the most often. You need to be prepared to make a good investment to avoid cheap materials that will need to be replaced regularly. There is no need to break the bank, but with an initial higher upfront payment, your return on investment will be worth it.

The other side of your budget is the installation. If you are capable of installing the countertop yourself, it will make the project much cheaper. If you need to hire a professional, be sure to go for someone with trackable records. The installation will take the longest, so you also need to consider if you have the time available. 

Features of Different Materials

Quartz, for example, is the most common choice for many upmarket homes; however, it is costly. It is also a very elegant design and highly durable, which means you won’t need to replace it often. Other material options include granite, porcelain, soapstone, and marble. What you do most in the kitchen will determine the best material for your needs. 

One aspect is how much pressure the countertop will take on average. Do you have a lot of heavy items that need to stand on the counter, or do you often put hot pots directly on the countertop without protection? Aesthetics may be pleasing, but if the countertop isn’t functional based on your cooking behaviours, then it just won’t do the job. If you are unsure how to answer these questions, contact a representative at nonpareilsolutions.co.uk

Hygiene and Cleanliness 

Kitchens always seem to be in some kind of a mess. They need to be cleaned and wiped down every day, and you need to wash all the dishes that you used while cooking. Some people choose countertops that are dark to hide dirt and crumbs, but this also makes it harder to clean it in the first place. Some countertop materials are made to resist stains. For example, wood would not be a wise choice in a kitchen where moisture can damage it. 

Soapstone is a natural mineral which makes cleaning a breeze. It is water and stain-resistant, yet it only comes in earthy tones such as white and grey.

Make sure your countertop fits your individual needs, is cost-effective even if slightly more expensive, and won’t take much effort to keep clean. When it comes to sourcing a new kitchen countertop, you don’t have to worry too much, as long as you consider these three aspects before making any final decision or purchase.

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