Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Is Prepared for Winter

The end of summer and fall can be a time when many of us turn our backs on our yard. This is a bad idea for several reasons, not least because winter preparations will pay off in the spring and summer. A few simple tasks undertaken in the winter months will make life easier for you when the warm spring and summer months arrive.

Mow Your Lawn

The arrival of fall will coincide with many of us putting our mower away until the spring. The grass will grow until it becomes cold enough to become dormant. If your grass is still growing, you should cut it to keep it healthy. Keeping your lawn mowed in the winter months will reduce the time you spend preparing your lawn the following spring. Until the first freeze of the season arrives, your grass will grow slowly throughout the winter. Your mowing schedule can be reduced to every 14 days during the cooler months. As you mow your lawn, you should identify bare spots and reseed them before the coldest months of the year arrive.

Collect Leaves

The fall brings season-specific challenges, including the falling leaves that affect every yard. Leaves will fall throughout the season and can cause problems in your yard. Leaves can cause bald patches on your lawn if they are not mulched or collected regularly. If you plan to use a mulching blade for your leaves, you should create a regular schedule to limit the risk of your lawn becoming starved of air.

Remove Plants and Weeds

Your perennial plants will continue to grow until the ground hardens and they become dormant. Perennial plants need to be cared for by pruning and cutting back before the winter arrives to ensure they are ready for the onset of harsh weather. Weeds are similar to your perennial plants, with an unattended weed taking all the nutrients from the soil during the winter months. Using a weed-killing agent or pulling out weeds should be completed in the fall to prepare your flower beds for the winter.

Wrap Tree Trunks

You can employ landscapers to perform the much-needed tasks of winter preparations. One of the tasks landscapers will tackle for you is wrapping the tree trunks of young plants to protect them from cracking.

Plant Flowers

Several species of plants and flowers will flourish during the fall and winter. Pansies and Mums are the perfect choices for a winter garden that can be planted in the late fall.

Don’t ignore your yard during the cold months. Keep on top of maintenance even during winter and you will have less gardening work in the spring and summer.

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