How You Can Make Your Skin Look Young and Fresh

You might not realize it, given how spread out and relatively thin it is, but your skin is actually the single largest organ in your body. It’s also one of the most important because it’s the physical barrier giving you form and protecting your innards from the outside world. It’s also the first thing people see about you, so you want to keep it looking young and fresh. 

Stay Out of the Sun

Sunlight and its radiation are necessary for your skin to synthesize vitamin D. However, it also hurts your skin a lot. Avoid direct sun exposure whenever you can, and wear long-sleeved clothing and a wide-brimmed hat if you must go out. Also, use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Make sure it is broad-spectrum, too, so it helps protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Keep Clean

Washing your hands frequently might be necessary for years to come, but you need to keep your whole body clean. Hot showers and bathing might rob your skin of their oils, but regular cleaning is necessary to keep anything you come into physical contact with from permeating into your pores and clogging them or getting into your body. Whether it’s changing your car’s oil or fine dust particulates, there are many things you can’t physically see that change how your skin looks and feels.


Any level of exercise does wonders for your energy level and disease prevention. However, higher levels of exercise can do more for your skin than others. High-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is known to produce skin cells that under a microscope are identical to people 10 years younger who don’t exercise. The next time a fitness buff tells you that exercise is the fountain of youth, don’t laugh. They know something.

Drink Lots of Water

Whether you do it through normal daily hydration or sweating your pores out clean, your skin relies on lots of water to stay healthy and pristine. As your largest organ, it needs lots of water. And because it is on the outside of your body, it’s the last organ that your blood system gets to hydrate and provide nutrients to from inside.
In conclusion, your skin puts up with a lot of wear and tear every day, and that can take a toll over the years. However, contact local dermatology agencies, and they can guide you through the proper steps, so you can make your skin look young and fresh.

About the author:

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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