Green or White Christmas Tree

Τhe most beautiful time of the year is arriving. We are ready to put up our Christmas trees. Although a green tree is the most popular choice, many people have turned to a white tree or are still wondering if they should give up their green tree and try what a snowed tree would look like in their home. Here are ideas of decorating a green or white tree and see which type would be better for you.

Green Tree With Red And Gold ornaments

The most common decoration for a green tree is in red and gold colors. It is a classical choice if you don’t want to risk with other color combinations.

Green Tree With Snow

With this tree you can combine both green and white tree. If you already have a green tree and you need a change, instead of buying a white tree, you can use a white spray. You will need to do that outdoors.

Total White

A total white Christmas tree may be liked more by people who prefer light colors in their home decoration.

Green Tree With Silver Ornaments

Some people are not a fan of gold color (can you believe it!) and they prefer gold instead either on the jewelry they wear or their home decoration.

White Tree With Silver Balls

Similar to total white you can add some silver balls to give your tree some sparkle.


Green Tree With Earthy Colors

Not everybody likes bold colors like red and gold in their decoration. Earthy colors can create a very nice chic look for your tree.

Green Tree With Pink Shades

If you like pink, you want everything to be pink! Talking from experience, your tree is going to look very cute.

White Tree Colorful Decoration

A few years ago we needed a new tree. So, I thought it was time I completed a dream, a white Christmas tree! I wasn’t sure if I’m going to regret it as, in general, I prefer warm clothes, but the result was rewarding. Many friends of ours liked it and went for the big change.

I wanted our tree to remind of candy and we decorated it with soft colors, like pink, light blue and champagne.

The lights can make a difference too. For your white tree you can choose either yellow lights or go for something more intense like blue.


Green Tree With White Balls

If you believe that simpicity is elegance, then just adding white balls in your green tree is enough.

White Tree With Pink Ornaments

For the pink lover again, a white tree with pink ornaments will look like a dream.


Green Tree With Colorful Ornaments

Looking through photos from my childhood I love how trees weren’t stylized like they have come from a shop’s window. I admire all the colors combined together giving a joyful sensation.

Old Fashioned Christmas

White Tree With Red Balls

Red color is going to give your white tree an impressive style.


Green Tree With Blue Decoration

Blue isn’t the first color that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas. Nevertheless, it is a special choice for a stylish outcome.

White Tree With Blue Balls

Blue balls are a great option for a white tree as they are going to create a nice contrast. They can be combined beautifully with silver decoration.


Green Tree With Yellow Lights

If you love a minimal house decoration, a Christmas tree with colorful balls and garlands won’t be of your liking. You can simply put yellow little lights on to bring some Christmas spirit to your house.

These are the most popular choices for green or white Christmas tree decoration.

In case you wonder whether I regret buying a white tree, the truth is I really like it, but I also miss the warmth of the classical Christmas tree figure I grew up with. When the time to replace this tree arrives, I might want to have a green tree again. I think the rest of the family have fallen in love with the white tree. I love it too, but I reminisce about our old tree, which I got rid of for the white one.

Stay tuned for more ideas with more daring shades.

Whatever you choose in the end, I am sure Santa Claus will have something to leave under your tree.

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