4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Shining

When you open up your jewelry box and look at the various rings, necklaces, and other beautiful pieces you own, it definitely brings a smile to your face. However, that smile will quickly disappear if your beloved jewelry starts to tarnish and lose its shine. Since you always want your jewelry to look great when you wear it to work, special occasions, or out for an evening with loved ones, it’s important to know some easy maintenance tips you can use to keep everything shining. To help do just that, here are four tips to keep in mind.

Use Clear Nail Polish

Yes, clear nail polish is not only good for your nails but can also be your jewelry’s best friend. If you have some less-expensive costume jewelry that you want to keep looking great, applying a thin coat of clear nail polish will help ward off discoloration and chipping. It can also be used on the inside of rings if they are not solid gold or silver since it will prevent the finger from becoming green. However, if you have more valuable jewelry, it may be best to use an alternative method for preserving its shine.

Don’t Throw Away Silica Gel Packs

If you have some earrings that you simply love and like to wear on the most special of occasions, hanging onto the silica gel packs that are commonly found in new shoes, purses, and many other products can help your ear-piercing jewelry stay at its best. Designed to absorb moisture, keeping these silica gel packs and placing them inside your jewelry box will draw moisture away from your earrings and other pieces. Oils tend to accumulate on earrings, and it is important to determine what your ear-piercing jewelry is made of before attempting any cleaning methods. Certain materials may need to be cleaned in a specific way.

When in Doubt, Clean with Water

If you have jewelry that features natural stones, using some commercial jewelry cleaners can lead to damage. If you have any doubt in your mind, opt instead to clean your natural stones with water and a soft toothbrush. Once you’re done cleaning, let each piece dry by setting it on a cloth. Should you have a pearl necklace, the best option is to use the water and toothbrush, then polish it with a soft cloth to remove any excess build-up.

Clean Your Diamonds

Finally, keep your diamond jewelry looking spectacular by cleaning your pieces with a solution of one cup water and one-quarter cup of ammonia. By letting diamonds soak in this solution for about 15 minutes, they will retain their shine. As a final touch, scrub your diamonds with a soft toothbrush, rinse them off, then pat them dry.

By using these maintenance tips regularly, your jewelry will always have the shine you want when you dress to impress.

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