8 Gorgeous French Country Kitchen Ideas

You’ve probably heard the expression “the kitchen is the heart of the house,” and it’s accurate. People often spend more time in their kitchens than in any other area in their house. Historically, kitchens were utilized only for cooking, but this is no longer the case. These rooms are presently hubs for eating and socializing, so, naturally, your kitchen should have a beautiful theme and stylish design. A French-country-themed kitchen is perfect because it combines rustic elements with an elegant design.  

To explore how to make your kitchen French-country themed, take a look at these gorgeous French country kitchen ideas for inspiration.

1. French Country Kitchen with Vibrant Colors.

Orange grout can add dimension to a white Arabesque lantern tile backsplash. A hammered copper apron sink, together with wood flooring and an old farmhouse table, provides a sense of coziness and color to the kitchen area. On display on the dish rack, dinnerware in brilliant hues transforms regular dishware into a visual feast.

2. Surfaces with an Antiqued Look Add Rustic European Charm.

A stone wall gives a rustic French kitchen an old-world feel. Some other antique-style surface that adds to the rural, European appeal is a distressed wood china or curio cabinet, which houses white French country-style dishware. Try to get lace or scalloped stoneware sets to really set off the French-country theme in your kitchen.

3. Suspend Your Pots and Pans.

Suspending your shiny copper pots and pans accomplishes three goals: it frees up valuable cabinet space, keeps your kitchenware within easy reach, and imparts a pleasant rustic vibe to a kitchen. Suspend your pots above the stove or above your kitchen island for a true French-country feel.

4. In a Butler’s Pantry, Go Gallic.

Make your butler’s pantry ooze with French elegance. The idea begins with sleek white cabinets and is completed with matte black café-style glass racks and pendant lights. Gleaming silverware and vibrant flowers elevate this straightforward galley to the pinnacle of Gallic beauty.

5. Chandelier Made of Crystal.

If you’re looking for an authentic French-country aesthetic in your kitchen, a crystal chandelier is the best lighting fixture. The light will softly bounce off the crystals suspended near the lightbulbs, creating an enchanting glow across the area. Candlestick chandeliers are a nice alternative that will also achieve the French theme.

6. French Country Style Meets Contemporary Farmhouse.

In the kitchen, French-country style is achieved via neutral hues, natural textures, and decorative touches that are similar to the impression of a contemporary farmhouse.

Hang pendant lights over the kitchen island. Get white shiplap planks to cover the marble-topped kitchen island. Woven bar stools are a modern interpretation of traditional French cane seats. A wooden French-inspired range hood is the star of the kitchen room, situated on a wall covered in practical white subway tiles. Sconces made of antique brass serve as task illumination.

vintage style kitchen interior. 3d rendering concept design

7. Bring the Butcher Block Inside.

A butcher block’s durability makes it an ideal surface for developing new recipes à la Julia Child, and its natural woods provide a pleasant tone to the kitchen. And here’s an extra tip: When the butcher block begins to show wear, it can be sanded and restored.

8. Use Plates to Decorate.

Don’t confine your passion for French food or, more precisely, dinnerware to the table. Elegantly and neatly arrange dinnerware on a kitchen shelf or in the china or curio cabinet. Also, ceramics found at yard sales, antique stores, and brocantes provide a wonderfully elegant feel to a rustic French kitchen. 

As a Bonus!

Pitcher in Blue with Flowers

Ceramic pitchers are crafted by artists in the south of France and sold at marketplaces. Purchase a close copy if you are unable to obtain an original! Place flowers of your choice in the pitcher for a quaint look for your French kitchen.

Wall Clock

Large vintage wall clocks or even Baroque Era Clocks will add a French feel to your kitchen while also serving as a convenient time-telling tool.

Inspired By the French Countryside, This Kitchen.

These beautiful kitchen design ideas will whisk you away to the French countryside in an instant. Consider these ideas to give your kitchen an elegant, rustic, and unique flair.

About the author:

Amy Sloane is an alum of Oregon State University where she studied marketing and business. She spends her free time writing and is a knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.   

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