How to Pay for a Wedding: 5 Simple Tips

If you reading this article because you’re engaged, then congratulations! Finding your soulmate is one of life’s biggest challenges that you’ve already succeeded in. Next challenge, how to go about paying for your dream wedding?

When you’re single finding the right partner can seem impossible. Right now, having the wedding of your dream may seem impossibly beyond your financial reach. Given the average wedding cost, that’s no surprise since your wedding is likely to be one of the most expensive events in your life. 

In this article, we’ll help you see how to pay for a wedding using 5 simple tips. When you follow this advice, you’ll see that what was once impossible is now very achievable. 

1. Review Personal Finances

Before you launch into designing your wedding dress, making a list of guests, and booking your Scottish castle you are wise to pause and consider the state of your finances. Do you know what your average monthly expenses are? Do you already have the habit of saving money each month?

Are you and your partner both fully aware of each other’s debts? Questions like these will help you establish a starting point for making important financial decisions about your wedding. A dream wedding is wonderful but a marriage burdened by excessive debt is not.

2. Set a Wedding Budget

Once you’ve got a grip on your financial position you should be able to see how much money you can realistically save and over what time. Now you start to work out your big-ticket items like the dress and the wedding venue. Will your savings be enough to pay for a wedding?

3. Make Sacrifices

Successful married life is all about compromise and sacrifice so may as well start now. If your projected savings and your estimated wedding budget do not match then you’ll need to think about how to make some cuts.

You may be surprised at how much money you can save by forgoing a few treats here and there in your weekly schedule starting from now. Fewer takeaways and drinking less alcohol etc can save a small fortune. The same principle holds for the wedding; try to spot opportunities to save that will not affect the overall feel of the wedding.

4. Get Help

Parents are often involved in the financial support of a wedding. They may surprise you with how much they’ve already saved for the occasion. You may have grandparents, aunties, and uncles who also want to be involved. 

If you’ve done your homework and have a realistic budget already planned as well as a clear idea of how as a couple you intend to contribute to it, then financial support from others may be more forthcoming.

5. Use Credit Wisely

When all is said and done, if there is still a financial gap then you can opt to use credit. However, be warned that this is to be used very cautiously. Look for interest-free options or loans with very low-interest rates.

Perhaps someone in the family is willing to make a loan on favorable terms. Wherever your credit comes from, decide beforehand that you will use it not for the whole wedding but for a specific purpose within the overall wedding plan. This will help you keep it under control.

How To Pay For a Wedding — Final Thought

In this article, you’ve read about how to pay for a wedding using these 5 simple tips. It’s easy to get carried away in the romance and emotion of the whole thing but if you stick with these 5 tips it will help you get your marriage off to a good start.

Remember, the most important thing about weddings is not all the little details but the big things. That is being with the people you love to celebrate a rare life event. You can check out other great lifestyle articles like this on our site.

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