Things to keep in mind before planning a marriage proposal

Are you thinking of proposing to your loved one but aren’t sure how to go about it? If so, this post can help you find the transition from puzzled to proud, as well as comprehend how you should proceed with the marriage proposal!

  1. When it comes to marriage, be certain you’re both on the same path.

The first thing you should ask yourself before arranging a proposal is if your partner wants to be married at all. 

Have you talked about your long-term ambitions as a pair and received a favourable response? If yes, dive a bit deeper by discussing topics that may arise later on, such as living in a family system or living abroad, political and religious beliefs, and what’s your way of living.

Only when you’ve figured out all of these details, you are ready to make a proposal. Marriage entails a lot more than just love and as unsatisfying as it may sound, being realistic is a good thing.

  1. Ensure your companion isn’t allergic to any of the foods or flowers you choose when you’re arranging them.

It’s sweet to hide the ring in berry cheesecake for her to discover while she’s munching, but not if she’s allergic to berries. Likewise, if you’re going to have a bunch of flowers prepared, be sure the flowers aren’t ones she dislikes or is intolerant to.

  1. Seek the cooperation of your partner’s friends or loved ones in selecting the ring or planning the event.

You may be very attached to your lover, but it doesn’t imply she’ll talk to you about how she wants to be proposed to or what type of ring she’d want. So, approach her pals for assistance in a subtle manner. They may be more aware of her tastes in this area than you are.

  1. Be sure whom you are inviting:

Involving dear ones is good, but it may also go awfully wrong. To begin, ensure that they will not fess up about hiding things.

 Second, be certain that she loves the individuals you’re inviting and wants them to be a part of such a private occasion.

 Finally, be certain that your proposal will result in a yes because the embarrassment of the whole stuff happening in front of the public is more than enough.

  1. Make sure to capture the event:

If you’re certain it’ll go very well, it’s a smart option to enlist the help of a companion or, if you have the means, a cameraman to record and shoot the big event. If you’re doing it at a cafeteria, you can always ask the staff for assistance, but keep in mind that they are good at taking secret pictures. 

  1. Be flexible:

Not everything works as expected when it comes to the topic of emotions. It’s one of those games when you simply have to take a chance and pray for the best. Small things might go wrong, but the broader picture is what alternative you have. So, take care of plan B.

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