5 of the Best Rocks and Stones To Put in Your Wedding Ring

When it comes to personalizing your wedding ring, it is vital to choose a stone that best represents you and your relationship. Though selecting the metal and stone cut can be key parts of the customization process as well, the stone stands out as the centerpiece to your ring. For first-time buyers, consider some of these rocks and stones to put in your wedding ring.


Diamonds are perhaps the most popular stone to set into a wedding ring. They are particularly attention-grabbing and beautiful, and they have a long history of representing love and commitment. Though they can be on the pricier side, numerous other clear stone options are available, such as cubic zirconia.


If you are interested in a more ornate and attention-grabbing piece, investing in a limestone ring can be an excellent option. Limestone rings are typically matte in finish, but because of how carefully they are carved and stained, they can be set with a broad variety of different metals and designs. A skilled artisan will even be able to etch imagery into the ring, creating a meaningful sculpture you can carry everywhere you go.


Amethysts are renowned for their bright purple color. This vibrant stone is said to have spiritual properties, which can make it a good choice for couples who enjoy spiritual pursuits. It is said to be able to promote calmness and peace, making it a particularly thoughtful choice for someone who wants to enjoy a soothing and elegant influence in their wedding ring.


Emeralds are another good choice, particularly for cuts that feature sharper angles and larger surfaces. These green stones are often associated with wealth and prosperity. They are also thought to promote growth and encourage new beginnings, the perfect way to symbolize a new marriage. Those who want to emphasize defining new chapters in their lives will love this choice.


Sapphires come in many different colors, but blue sapphires are the most popular choice for wedding rings. They are said to symbolize truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, making them perfect for someone who wants to emphasize those qualities in their marriage.


Rubies are red stones that are typically associated with passion and love. They can also be seen as symbols of strength and courage, making them ideal for military couples and those who want to showcase such qualities in their union.

When possible, take the time to collaborate with your partner on an attractive wedding ring piece. Choose colors and themes that symbolize your union best.

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