Which of These Wedding Types Fits Your Style?

In the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the cost of weddings in the US. In 2020, the average couple spent about $10,000 less than couples in previous years.

What does this tell us about the wedding industry? For starters, it would seem that many couples are ditching the unnecessary details and focusing on what really matters to them.

Planning the perfect wedding for you starts with understanding the different wedding types.

Read on to learn more about the most common types of weddings and get planning your own special day.

Traditional Religious Weddings

Is religion a big part of your life? Is it important to your future spouse or your family that you get married in a religious place?

Traditional religious weddings occur in a place of worship, overseen by a religious leader like a pastor or rabbi. They often involve specific traditions, such as these Jewish wedding traditions. Some people pair a traditional religious ceremony with a more modern reception, while others follow religious traditions from start to finish.

Formal Weddings

Maybe you’re not concerned about religious traditions and instead want to focus on something more upscale. It’s easy to assume that all weddings are “formal” events, but this isn’t the case.

When you’re planning a formal wedding, it entails that both you and your guests will wear formal wear. That means tuxedos and gowns, rather than slacks and cocktail dresses. If you’re planning a formal wedding, make sure that all of your invited guests are clear about the dress code.

Casual Weddings

Casual weddings can refer to everything from the location to the attire. For example, you can have a casual wedding in your backyard, even if you still choose to wear a formal wedding gown. You can also have a casual wedding in a typical wedding venue by letting your guests wear something a little more comfortable.

If you don’t care too much about all the frills and high-end details, a casual wedding may be best. Casual weddings tend to cost the least amount of money, both for you and your guests.

Destination Weddings

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the beach or on a mountainside. Maybe a certain amusement park in Florida or California has caught your eye. A destination wedding entails that everyone is going to travel–but it’s often worth it for the breathtaking backdrop for your dream wedding.

Keep in mind that a destination wedding is easily the most expensive route to go. Take this into consideration when planning your budget but also when inviting your guests. It’s not uncommon for couples who plan a destination wedding to settle on a smaller guest list.

Which Wedding Types Appeal to You?

Whether you’re hoping to follow the latest trend of spending less or money is no option, every future bride or groom should have one goal: to have a wedding you love! We hope that taking a look at the different wedding types has given you some great wedding ideas.

Looking for more wedding inspo? Take a look at our wedding section to get all the tips you need, from wedding aesthetic guides to organizational help. 

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