3 Ways To Bond With Your Roommate

Having a roommate can be an exciting and new experience, whether you’re out on your own for the very first time or starting college in the dorms. Bonding with your roommate is essential because you’ll be living together in close quarters and spending much time together anyway. There are many ways to bond with your roommate to create a friendship that will last. Below, you will see the top three things you can do to bond with your roommate.

1. Taking a Trip

You can bond with your roommate by taking a road trip. Even if it is just for a day, taking a mini vacation is a great way to bond. During the drive, you can play games to get to know your roommate, such as 20 questions. Playing this game allows you to ask 20 questions about their life, interest, and more so you can have that bonding experience on the road. Together, you can develop things that interest you and make stops on your trip to see the views and popular spots, such as the Miami Zoo to get an up-close look at many exotic animals and their habitats. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Look up a Zoo Miami promo code to find discount codes and more deals for your road trip. Taking a road trip gives you plenty of time to talk and laugh together, which is the perfect way to bond.

2. Starting a Garden

Whether you have a big yard to grow or just a tiny apartment building, there are still plenty of opportunities to grow a garden. Visit a plant store to see the many plants available to grow, such as flowers, vegetables, and even herb gardens. Having a garden or even just a few indoor plants together like succulents can help you bond by caring for them. You can make it a part of your daily routines to regularly water plants, prune them, weed them, and take care of them overall. Not only will you bond over taking care of plants, but if you grow a herb garden or vegetable garden, you can bond over cooking what you’ve grown. Trying new recipes is a great way to build a better bond with your roommate.

3. Decorating the Apartment Together

No matter if it is a college dorm or a whole apartment, one of the ways you can bond with your roommate is to decorate your place together. If you’re in an apartment, you’re probably going to have your separate rooms, but what about the kitchen and the living room? Even the bathroom can be a team effort so you both have a space that shows both of your personalities. Choosing decorations is a great way to get a sense of their style and what they like, which can come in handy for holidays for gift ideas. If you only have a college dorm together, there are still ways you can come together to find a style to suit you both. Not only is decorating your room a way to bond, but the shopping involved can be a whole date. Taking a day to go out and shop for decorations and grab something to eat is the perfect way to get to know your roommate.

New Friendship

Even if your roommate is already a friend, bonding in these ways can grow that friendship even more. Bonding with your roommate is essential because you will be living together, working through different problems and scenarios together. Hence, it is important to have a good friendship in the process. Using the ways listed above to bond will help you and your roommate become closer and blossom into a beautiful friendship.

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