Planning a 30th Birthday Party: A Complete Guide

The party planning industry holds a $3 billion value at the moment. This shows that people are willing to spend good money to celebrate life and all of its milestones. 

Let’s face it – life is limited for all of us. Appreciation for life is why people go all out when planning birthday parties. There are a handful of milestone ages, and 30 is one of the biggest. 

So how can you plan out the perfect 30th birthday? We’re happy to help. 

Here are some tips that you should know about planning a 30th birthday party for the ages. 

Understand the Significance of Turning 30

There’s a lot of significance in turning 30 that you should consider. Your 20’s are all about exploration and figuring life out. Once you hit your 30’s, you understand life a little better and likely have some accomplishments under your belt. 

Make sure to touch on this significance if you’re planning a party for someone turning 30. Something as small as a thoughtful card or a video where people share some kind words can be meaningful.

Consider What They Like Most

Planning a unique 30th birthday party for someone is easier when you cater it to the person’s interests and personality. Maybe they’re sports fanatics that follow a certain team. Perhaps they love fancy brunches, comic book franchises, or have an affinity for Sex and the City or Breaking Bad. 

The sky is the limit with these party ideas, and it’s the thought and creativity that counts the most. Your party will hit the mark on any 30th birthday surprise ideas when you start with their interests. 

Secure Guests as Early as Possible

Don’t get so caught up in the detail of the party that you forget the most important part – the guests. 

Even cheap 30th birthday party ideas are awesome if you get the right people in attendance. Flesh out a guest list of the most important people in the birthday boy or girl’s life and reach out to them early. 

Start with favorite family members, best friends, significant others, and anyone else that they’d be glad to spend the day with. Create a guest list and send out RSVPs so that you have an accurate headcount. 

The guest list is particularly important if the party is catered and you’re spending a decent amount of money on it. 

Consider remote parties as well if you’re hoping to prevent the spread of the virus. There are several 30th birthday party ideas during COVID that you can accomplish on Zoom chats. 

Kick Around Some Great Theme Ideas

There are countless 30th birthday ideas at home or at an offsite location. Once you carve out the birthday party space, look into decorations, tableware, and other details that will help you keep the theme consistent. 

Extend it to the guests as well. You can create a dress code for the party – whether that’s a costume party or a dinner party. 

The lighting, sound, and other fixtures will also make a difference when fulfilling a theme. A company like can provide sparklers that illuminate the part with color and excitement. 

Plan a 30th Birthday Party

Understanding these details will help you when you’re trying to plan an amazing 30th birthday party. This is a milestone that you won’t want to let go by without recognizing it. 

We’re here for you when you’re looking for guidance on all sorts of other life matters. Check out our other posts when you’d like to learn more about life tips, fashion, health, and so much more. 

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