Make a Fashion Statement with These 9 Trendy Items

We often confuse fashion with theatrics and end up overdoing it. Well, no one has been overdoing it since the pandemic hit, but it’s time to break out of the pajama shell. And no, we aren’t talking about walking the streets with what ASAP Rocky wore at the Met Gala the past year. This year, we recommend you update your wardrobe with the hottest items and outfits of the year and make a statement with a few personal touches. So, are you ready to wow the world with the fashion diva in you? Sit down, take notes, and make an unforgettable fashion statement with the following trendy items.

  1. Wear a statement piece at work

Workplaces are the most difficult settings for making a fashion statement. Luckily, there are a few elements and statement pieces that all add glamor to your boring work outfits. For instance, oversized blazers in neutral tones are a must-have when making a workwear fashion statement. They make you look all business but with style when paired with matching trousers. Or you can even go with a statement trench coat as the central piece and complement it with classic pieces like a short set or an LBD. 

You can also check out inspirations by browsing stores that sell workwear styles that are popular at the moment. 

Here’s a tip: New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been the talk of the town for quite a while now, but it’s her wardrobe that has caught the eye of many fashionistas. Her powerful personality has inspired many popular boutiques in NZ. You can look up “womens workwear NZ” for the trendiest outfits of the season. 

  1. Dramatic cutouts

Cutouts were big last year, and they are here to stay this year as well. Dramatic cutouts have been turning heads for quite a while now, and why not? They look edgy, chic, elegant, and sexy. You can choose the amount of skin you want to show and where. When you are going for effortless sexy, we recommend you pair a cutout top with a pair of flared trousers or jeans. You can also pair a slinky cutout midi dress with a leather skirt, strappy heels, and a bucket bag.

  1. Bold colors are in

When it is about making a fashion statement, playing it safe with colors is not wise. If you want to stand out, you have to learn to rock bold and vibrant colors. Play with unique colors like neon, orange, green, magenta, etc., and skip the monochrome wardrobe. Pop in on a friend’s night out in a hot pink mini dress or wear a neon pantsuit to a work party. You can always balance the pop of color with subtler pieces, such as wearing neutral tone pumps or simple diamond studs with a bold-colored outfit. Or, you can go with bold-colored footwear such as red chunky ankle boots with pants and a cream top.

  1. Go for chunkier boots

Chunky boots are versatile, comfortable, chic, and attractive. They can go in a dress, a pair of jeans, pantsuits, catsuits, jumpers, and the list goes on. Black combat boots paired with a cozy puffer, leather pants, and a blazer immediately make you look edgy and the ultimate fashionista. If you are going for a strictly effortless look, you can combine chunky platform boots with a slouchy statement knitted dress and an oversized blazer. One of our favorite looks of the season is all thanks to Ciara, who rocked chunky black boots with double denim ripped jeans and a jacket. If you ask us, she looked absolutely breathtaking.

  1. Go for wider cuts

It’s been a while since skinny jeans went out of style. Now, everyone is making a statement with unique cuts, especially wider cuts. Baggy jeans, mom jeans, flared, wide-leg pants, and more are trending, giving off extremely relaxed yet chic vibes all over. You can balance your wide-leg pants with slimmer pieces such as a skin-skimming knitted crop or bralette followed by strappy sandals or ankle boots. We’ve seen high-profile celebrities like the Hadid sisters and Hailey Bieber gracing the streets with the wide-leg pants trend. So, if they can do it, then why not you?

  1. Bolder accessories is the way to go

Being dramatic is a fairly big part of making a fashion statement, but that’s always not the case. It’s about balancing the proportions with a statement and simple pieces, like partnering bold accessories with subtle yet stylish outfits. For instance, oversized chunky necklaces are rocking the scene as you pair them with a statement top and a simple bottom. Chunky chains, glasses, and even oversized earrings look extremely fashionable, especially when paired with a roll neck, oversized blazer, or a simple tee. They can even look marvelous in a casual context if you layer your chunky chains with delicate, thinner ones.

  1. Bra crop tops are effortless

“Less is more” will be one of the biggest trends of 2022, and bra tops are among the better products of this trend. As we say goodbye to the chilly weather, you should welcome the warmer seasons with a barely-there bra top layered with a long jacket and wide-leg pants. You can try anything from lacey to patterned and even leather. If you truly want bra top outfit inspiration, we recommend checking out Dua Lipa’s street fashion statements.

  1. Embellishments and pearl details

Add a bit of decoration to your casual outfits and shine in the warm summer breeze. Yes, throw in an encrusted mini dress, give your hair a wet look, and voila! It would be impossible to ignore your sense of style after that. If you are in love with pearls and embellishments, you can elevate your everyday dresses with beaded jackets, pearly accessories, and even studded boots for a subtle punk vibe. We recommend you experiment with pearl embellishments and feature them in your vests, dresses, bag straps, and even hair accessories. Combine your pearly affair with darker hues, natural tones, and pastels.  

  1. The classic beret hats

It would be a lie to say that we didn’t get inspired by Netflix’s hit show Emily in Paris to channel a French-infused trend such as the classic beret hats. They offer an incredibly chic appeal as they can work with both work outfits as well as street fashion. We want you to give your beret hats a slight slant as you pair them with your favorite midi skirts and crop tops or a low-cut midi dress. Beret hats are the perfect transitional item from fall to the spring season, and with them, we all get to have a bit of a French feel.


Whether you wear a hot dress straight out of the runway or experiment with your current wardrobe, we want the ladies to wear everything confidently. The ultimate fashion statement is your undeniable aura that is elevated by the right fashion pieces and trendy items. That’s why we bring you the above list of all the hottest fashion trends that are going to make headlines this year so that you can start upping your fashion game today! 

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