Get Your Shine On Where to Apply Highlighter

Some people have sparkling personalities and seem to glitter wherever they go. For the rest of us, there’s highlighter! 

Highlighter is a favorite beauty trend that adds a perfect touch of sparkle to your face. A little bit of highlighter in the right location can add depth, emphasize your best features, and tie together your look. The trick is knowing where to apply highlighter to achieve the hottest and most attractive results!

If you’re a little too enthusiastic about your highlighter application, you might end up looking like a tween vampire circa the early aughts. When you understand where to apply highlighter on your face, even Edward Cullen will be eating his heart out! 

Keep reading to learn where and how to apply highlighter makeup for your best night out! 

Where to Apply Facial Highligher: The Basics

Highlighter works by helping you enhance your favorite features by drawing attention to them. It helps the features you love less to fade into the background a bit. To get started, you will need an idea of which features you want to accentuate. 

In some cases, you might want to incorporate highlighter into a fully contoured look. This involves a strong understanding of your face shape. If you want a truly radical contoured look, you might consider hiring a professional makeup artist!

For an easy at-home look, consider spot highlighting. This is the simplest way to add shine to your favorite features, and all you need is your favorite highlighter!

Where to Spot Highlight

As a general rule, highlighter looks best in any spot on your face that picks up light. Go to a well-lit place and study your face in the mirror. Notice where shadows naturally fall and where you see light reflected. 

While all faces differ, these are some of the best places to apply your highlight:

  • Just below your eyebrows
  • On the apples of your cheeks
  • At the corners of your eyes
  • Along the bridge of your nose
  • At the center of your chin
  • Near your cupid’s bow 
  • On the collarbone

Do you know where to apply facial highlighter to make your other makeup pop? You can use it to add extra shine over your eyeshadow, some extra sparkle over your blush, or even on top of lipstick! Most highlighter is sheer enough to accompany the makeup that you already have in your collection!

Now You Know Where to Apply Highlighter!

Once you know where to apply highlighter, you will be one step closer to the best selfie that you have ever taken! Applying highlighter in the right place makes cheekbones glimmer, noses look slimmer, and faces shimmer! You are going to fall in love with the way you look.

In the meantime, we’re pretty sure you’ll also fall in love with this blog! Stick around and check out our other great posts full of incredible fashion and beauty tips

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