How to Live a More Luxurious Life

Luxury is about space, light, and focus. A home crammed full of stuff will never feel luxurious. Also, if your lifestyle seems a bit hectic and unorganized, this may prevent you from living a luxurious life.

Learn some practical ways that you can live the luxurious life you so desire.

Take Very Good Care of What You Have

If you have a car that works, but you want something better, take very good care of your current car. Make sure it’s clean. Take care of necessary maintenance. Use the “new car” spray when you detail your car. Of course, you’ll be detailing your car yourself because you’re saving up for a better car.

Caring for what you own is born of habit, not inspiration. If you don’t take care of a Ford, you probably won’t take care of a Mercedes. Get in the weekly habit of vacuuming your car out to save wear and tear on the carpet and the upholstery. Try to avoid eating in the car if at all possible to avoid spills and odors.

Move Into an Open, Luxurious Space

Look for an apartment with great windows and lots of light. The views from the Jardine are an excellent example of what windows can do for the enjoyment of your home. Of course, you will want a balcony to extend and expand the sense of space in your home.

Become a very slow shopper. Once you have just the right apartment, don’t rush to get furniture and art. Measure each space at least twice so you can get furniture and storage pieces to exactly suit your new home. If you’re not confident in your choices, you may want to work with a designer. If you have a vision of your ideal luxury apartment, be ready to do a lot of swatch reviewing and furniture measuring. It will be worth it!

Shed What Doesn’t Matter to You

It’s very easy to get in the mindset of more, more, more! However, too much is just clutter, and clutter is never luxurious. If you love music, invest in amazing speakers. If you love movies or sports, get the best viewing screen you can afford and make it a focal point.

Take care in your bedroom. An opulent, plush bed may look luxurious, but if it’s too soft, you will wake up stiff and sore. You’ll probably also be overheated. Stretch out on at least ten mattresses before you make your purchase so you have just the bed you need. Invest in quality bedding that suits your sleeping style. Your bed may just be a flat firm mattress with a single blanket if you are a hot tummy sleeper. Whose business is that? It’s yours! Your sense of contentment can be the greatest luxury you may ever experience.

Save for What Does Matter

Ignore the noise of the world. Create yourself a special savings account for the luxurious thing that you want most. If it’s a car, put a photo of the car in your wallet beside your credit card. Put a photo of the car on the vision board where you work your side hustle. Inspiration is nice, but focus and the cash you save will put that car in your driveway faster than just being inspired.

Consider grounding yourself for a time. If you ever got grounded as a child, you know that it was generally because you needed to think about your behavior. Grounding yourself can be much more positive. Think about what you want before you mindlessly shop or spend for things that don’t increase your sense of luxury and enjoyment.

Financially grounding yourself can actually free up more time to make more cash. If a friend wants to go shopping, you can’t because you’re grounded. You now won’t be spending your money or time on that endeavor. The right friend will be inspired.

In Summary

Luxury is owning exactly what you want and nothing more. Once you have put in the thinking time to truly understand what those things are, making luxurious decisions becomes quite easy. Don’t push yourself to buy what other folks call luxurious. When you stand in a building or room that feels fresh and open, study what makes the space work and replicate that in your luxurious home.

About the author:

Amy Sloane is an alum of Oregon State University where she studied marketing and business. She spends her free time writing and is a knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.   

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