What Causes Wrinkles: 5 Daily Activities That Are Aging You

Are you aware that 67% of Americans suffer from confidence issues caused by their skin?

While there are all kinds of skin conditions that can make people feel self-conscious, wrinkles are one of the top complaints. It seems like wrinkles are impossible to avoid, but the truth is that there are several things that cause wrinkles to develop early.

Would you like to learn more about what causes wrinkles and what you can do to slow down the aging process? Read on to break down five factors that trigger wrinkles.

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen Each Day

If you’d like to know what causes forehead wrinkles and all kinds of other wrinkles, then the sun is your worst enemy. UV radiation breaks down our skin cells and speeds up the aging process.

The idea of applying traditional sunscreen every day can seem daunting to most people. Instead, you can shop for a foundation that comes with SPF protection to boost your coverage.

2. Having an Expressive Face

One of the main causes of wrinkles is moving your face repeatedly throughout the day. While this can be hard to control since we react without thinking, you can try to train yourself to be less expressive whenever possible.

For example, if you often furrow your brow or frown when you’re reading, try to remind yourself to relax.

3. Rough Skin Handling

Believe it or not, out of all of the causes of wrinkles under eyes, the way you touch your skin could be the biggest problem. The skin around our eyes is more sensitive, so rubbing your eyes or pulling your lids when you’re applying or removing makeup can age you.

Understanding what causes eye wrinkles can help you make a conscious effort to be gentle whenever you’re touching your face to avoid any damage.

4. Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and smoking are horrible for our overall health, but these lifestyle habits can lead to wrinkles as well.

Not only does smoking weaken your skin cells, but the act of sucking on a cigarette can deepen wrinkles around the mouth. Drinking dehydrates our cells, which makes our skin lose its youthful glow over the years.

5. Aging and Genetics

No person can avoid wrinkles forever since they’re a natural part of getting older. While some people are prone to getting wrinkles at a younger age due to genetics, you shouldn’t feel like a failure if your skin doesn’t look as perfect as you’d like.

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What Causes Wrinkles? Now You Know What to Avoid

Understanding what causes wrinkles can help us change our lifestyle to prevent premature aging. By following this guide, you can get ready to take on the world with beautiful skin and confidence.

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