Beautifying Your Home? 4 Ways to Treat Your Floors for Increased Lifespan

Beautiful flooring can dramatically enhance the look of your home, but it’s often expensive. That’s why it’s important to protect your carpet, hardwood, vinyl and concrete floors for increased lifespan. Even the most durable surfaces can be damaged by abuse, neglect and the elements, and repair or replacement can cost hundreds or thousands. Here are four ways you can treat your floor for greater longevity.

Clean It Properly

Extending flooring life can be as easy as cleaning it the right way. For carpets, steam cleaning followed by application of a protectant spray like Scotchguard is often best. For hardwood, ceramic and vinyl, refer to manufacturer recommendations. Always avoid cleaning products that contain vinegar and other acids, which can wash away finishes. No matter the material, frequent cleaning can remove dirt and debris before it can scratch or get ground into the material.

Protect From the Sun

Home flooring products can be damaged by sun exposure, which creates uneven fading near windows. If you aren’t sure how resistant your flooring is to the sun’s rays, consider investing in window treatments rated to block UV light to help keep flooring from fading, cracking or warping. Then, remember to keep these window coverings closed during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day. If you already have some fading, throw rugs can cover the worst spots, allowing you to avoid buying new flooring for a while.

Consider a Coating

You can protect concrete and some hardwood floors with a long-wearing epoxy coating. For new homes, epoxy flooring can be installed from the start. The most common type of epoxy flooring is applied directly to a home’s concrete foundation. The coating can include paint or stain to add beauty along with protection. Coated concrete floors are among the most durable available for the home and are often used in commercial applications too.

Start Fresh

Sometimes, the flooring in a home may be beyond the point where additional protection can help. If your flooring is already faded, worn, torn or broken, starting over with something new may be the most sensible choice. While coatings can be applied to damaged hard flooring in some cases, results may not be very good and may even accentuate damage. Once the new flooring is installed, you can consider what cleaning, sun protection and coating choices are best.

You deserve beautiful floors, and making the right treatment choices can keep your floors looking their best. When you start with a good floor, keep it clean and protect it from traffic and the elements, you can be proud to have it under the feet of your family for years.

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