5 ways to prepare your house for a hot summer

Summertime may be your favorite season, but as the heat becomes unbearable you can’t enjoy the summer as much as you expected. Even if you have the chance to go on vacations, they usually last only for a few weeks and the rest of your summer days you can only visit the closest beaches, cafes and restaurants when your work and other family responsibilities allow it. Either you are leaving for a short vacation or professional reasons keep you at home the whole summer, you deserve to come back to a home where there is a holiday feeling. Here are five ways to prepare your house for a hot summer.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a good house investment as they are going to stay with you for years. Even in case you move house, you can take them with you as you would do with any ceiling lamps. There are both modern or more classic designs to choose from, depending on the style of your furniture. Newer models come with a remote control to use easily from your seat or your bed and they are more silent than older models.

Make your balcony cozy

If you live in a flat, you probably have at least one balcony. It doesn’t matter if your balcony isn’t very big, the smaller the cozier! You can place there any extra chairs or even move your sofa outdoors for the summer period. If the circumstances don’t allow to put any furniture out there, you can place a colorful mat and cushions to sit with your friends and family and enjoy your evenings. Using your laptop or a spare TV you can watch films or binge watch new series.

Decorate your yard with lights and ornaments

Lights can add holiday vibes to your summer nights. You can use your Christmas lights if they are suitable to be hung outdoors. Candles can be very romantic but to avoid the possibility of a fire, there are solar lanterns which provide the same result without any danger. Grab a book, lie on a lounge chair and enjoy!

Add a retractable pool to your yard

The last couple of years many families have turned to the purchase of a retractable pool to avoid crowded beaches and swimming pools because of the fear of covid. Depending on the size of your yard you can choose the desirable pool. You don’t have to be rich to have this type of luxury to your house. It offers value for money as it will last for a long time and it costs less than a family trip. Of course, it requires time for maintenance to keep it clean. So, only go for this acquisition if you are going to be committed to this task.

Stock up on fruit and snack

When the weather is very hot we aren’t keen on going shopping. Especially if you reside in a busy place, it’s pretty annoying to go to to the supermarket very often during heatwave. To be prepared in advance, stock up your fridge on fruit and vegetables, frozen food and ice cream!

Our home is our sanctuary. Follow these tips to spend your summer at home as if you were in a 5-star hotel!

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