How To Choose Accessories That Complete Any Look

No matter how professional or casual your daily environment might be, you probably want to look your best. Dressing to impress helps you influence the perception others have of you. From trying to attract friends or romantic partners to looking serious at work, your overall ensemble sets a tone that can change how others perceive you. Knowing how to choose accessories that complete any look helps you cross the finish line in putting yourself together.

Know the Kinds of Accessories Available

In general, there are six kinds of accessories you can choose from to complete any look. Footwear is something you’ll need nearly every time you go out, whereas jewelry might be more optional and situation-specific. Hair accessories let you demonstrate personal style, while handbags can be matched to the occasion. Belts can be just as fashionable as they are functional, and winterwear can keep you warm while adding color and texture to your look.

Buy Your Jewelry Together

One way to complete a look is to have two pieces of jewelry that go together as a unifying element. For instance, if you shop through the Kiera website, you might be able to get a halo malachite ring that is a perfect match for malachite earrings. If you buy all your jewelry together, you can guarantee that it will match when you go to put it on. A matching set of jewelry immediately elevates any look. Additionally, you will be able to see what it all looks like on you, making sure that it works together.

Choose One Signature Accessory

While you want everything you wear to make you look good, not all of it can command equal attention and respect. One particular piece can be the focal point of your entire look. Choose one, and then balance it with layers of more subdued accessories.

Pick Bright Colors or Patterns

For that matter, do both at the same time. Something has to command visual attention and make your overall look really stand out. Bright patterns or colors will certainly do that to great effect.

While a lot of your motivation in putting together a great look might stem from how you want to present yourself to others, you should always keep yourself in mind first and foremost. When you’re dressed up well, you know it. From the moment you see yourself in the mirror to the time you step out the door to face the world, your self-esteem should be higher because you know you look good.

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